Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Aliens are coming, better hide your stuff.

Stephen Hawking, most famous Astrophysicists in the world has made the talk about Aliens credible. Interesting, mmmmmm? Why is it that when the most famous smart person talks about something it is now credible? On another subject, what are the odds that one of the smartest people has got a crippling disease that in any other time period he would be useless? If technology did not exist where he can be understood, how would he be able to communicate? We think of Hawking as the smartest out there. He is indeed smart. Ask Marilyn is another smart one. It's the voice of smart people that we tend to listen to.

I think we pick up little bits and pieces of information from all sorts of people and we make them our own. We learn things and that makes us smart as well. I have my own vision of what an alien looks like and that vision is most likely influenced by all the media; comic books, television shows, (Heaven Knows that I am a Star Trek fan, William Shatner is still a God, not "The" God, but still a small-g god), movies and gossip rags and conversations about Extraterrestrial Beings with people. The Alien talk has now been put back on the front pages of the news. This time it's not the kooks or the Dan Aykryod's that are being asked questions, it is the scientific community. The logic checkers of the world. The people with answers that are not seen as fluff, or seated in ancient religious customs or folk lore. It's Stephen Hawking for heck's sake! It's not some story of some guy walking on water or turning water into wine, or some Native guy that's fighting with the Thunderbirds. No Hawking has the ear of the modern man.

One of the things Hawking has to say is, is for us, mankind, to be wary of the Aliens. Do not try and engage them. He uses the history of Indians in North America as an example of what will happen to mankind. He says that Aliens will be looking to loot, pillage, steal, take-over, colonize, exterminate... nah, I'm just kidding. He did say "If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't turn out very well for the Native Americans." Just take a look at the Indians and say I might be like them. :-) He says that the Aliens may be looking for resources that have been depleted in their own world and that may be trouble for us. His remarks have sparked a number of experts to give their yah or nay to his thoughts. One thing is clear though that now that the smartest person on the planet has said there are Aliens, people are listening.

Form the point of view of an Indian, I say listen to him. Hide your stuff, don't put out the welcome mat. You may have to move or have your home taken away from you. :D


  1. I love stories about aliens.
    Thais is an interesting story; thanks for sharing.
    Hope you're doing well and wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. it is interesting how, you and i both approach it from a earth point of blog , which deals with this stuff. strives for the common sense of the uncommon.however, i cant imagine in a universe of possibilities that resources would be the main issue. water, you can find that on the moon, practically everything is found in places that there is no life.the great turtle has to offer more then that to impress upon a galactic aware species.