Monday, May 31, 2010

"When you're rich and famous, you'll send me a postcard... "

Remember that scene in the movie the Jerk? A funny movie in its time. Steve Martin as a poor black man. He is in the gas station and Jackie Mason let Steve stay at his gas station. So Steve asks how much, Jackie says, "nothing, when you are rich and famous you'll send me a post card". Steve says "a post card? Okay it's a deal".
Later on Steve sends Jackie a post card.

"Dear Harry, guess what?

"I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams.
"But I haven't forgotten our deal.
Here's that postcard I promised you.
"I bet you thought you'd never get it.

"Your friend forever, Navin."

How do you like that? (Jackie)

He promised me a postcard,
and he sent me a postcard.
Kid has integrity.

I am going to do you a favour as well. Here are two ideas that will send you on your way too.

First one is a key chain. Almost everyone has a key chain. The key to this idea is that the key chain will be a key. A Key! Key chains are in most people's pockets. These key chains have some type of little trinket attached to the chain. Some of those trinkets can have great sentimental value to the holder. Me I think a trinket is a trinket but and that's a big but, if the trinket is given to you by your child or someone special in your life, that trinket is no longer a trinket. The key chain I am thinking of has no sentimental value. It will be a trinket on your key chain. But that trinket will be jazzy. Jazzy, snazzy, shiny, and maybe attractive. The trick is the trinket. The trinket will be a key. Not just any key, like a Ford Pinto, a Gremlin, a Pacer, a Pony, or a Chevy Vega (for the younger folk, not a key that would fit into a Cavalier).

The Key will be of the most exotic cars you can imagine. The Ferrari, the Maserati, the Bentley, and even a car like the lowly Jaguar. Each of these keys will have a beautiful depiction of the car, so when people see the key (chain) they will know what kind of car it is. The key may not be an actual key of what the keys are today, but what people think a fancy car key could be. Keys are not keys any more, many are key fobs.

Just imagine yourself sitting at your local coffee house, cafe, lounge with your key ring on the table as you sit all cool, with your Foster Grants, your Dockers and your Birkenstock sandals. People will know, they will know by your key that you are more than a JC Penny type of guy or girl. They will see that you are a person of refinement. And all because of the key. The key to your possibilities! So you can have that idea. Did you know in some places people would put their keys on the table so the ladies and the guys would see what you drive. This was a pick up ploy. But I give you this idea not for that. I want you to be beyond that. Think of it. You will be bigger than you are now. Just with that key!

Now the other idea I am giving you is not politically correct and might seem really childish. Hey, we have people like that and that is who will purchase your product.
This one is a game. Not just any game, but a fun one. You know you can play monopoly with your kids. Well this one you really shouldn't unless you want Child Protection come calling on you with the police, who use battering rams to smash open your door, snatch the kids from your grasps, ignore your wails of protest and your weeping, moaning and crying hysterically. No this game is for adults. And not those teetotalers either. You have to be a drinker. Preferably a social drinker as this is a social game.

The game will be a board game with the added electronics. Simple electronics like the game Operation. The other component will have a small version of the game Simon.
There is also a game played at fairs that test your hand eye coordination. It is a simple electronic game. You have a metal ring that you must remove from a twirling curved rod. The rod is about 12 inches tall and sits on a base that rotates the rod. the ring is placed on the base in the middle of the rod. If you touch the sides of the rod with the ring, the buzzer sounds just like the Operation game. This one is a bit more challenging.
The board game called "GET HOME" will have these components. As you move your pieces (cars) around the board, you will run into several obstacles. A space will be a police officer stopping you and asking you to remove your wallet (ala the operation component) and you use a tweezer type hand to remove the wallet. If you touch a side you will be arrested or fined (moved back). There will be a check stop at some point on the board where you will have to conduct a sobriety test. You will need to walk the line (like the Fair rod game) if you fail, well it's jail. The memory (Simon) portion of the game will be used at another check stop. There will be shortcuts that you can use on the board, like back lanes but you run the risk of getting arrested by the police and must go to jail.

The game is meant to play at a social event, either while you are entertaining friends while having a few drinks. The hand eye portion of the game will show you how drinks impair you. It is not to encourage drinking but to add to the social evening. People already drink in social settings. In any case there you have it.

I know in the Reserve this game would sell (place stereotype here). Just kiddin'. It is a game that will not be attractive to a whole group of society but will be okay to a portion. I tell you this game will sell. You don't have to be having drinks to play the game, but having drinks will show how your coordination is affected by booze. Not advocating booze, just saying if you are doing that in a friendly safe setting, why not play a board game.

Go forth and have fun.

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