Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Man, I'm giving you gold, I tell ya, it's gold.

I was sitting on the Throne the other day reading my book. My wife hates that. She goes to have a shower and I sneak in to use the the toilet. Usually she never hears me sneaking in, but for some reason she manages to know I am there. She yells at me, "are you pooping?!?" I told her I would give her a complimentary flush. I was suppose to say courtesy flush, but Hey, I make mistakes with my cliches sometimes. But that's okay she knows what I mean.

So I have 23 flowers now. That is great. These people must be the some of the most smartest people on the planet. You know the kind of people that see diamonds while others see coal. Yep, this blog is gold. The words that flow on the screen are like drops of cool mist across your face on a blistering hot day, cool. You see these 23 people can see that these words here are more than words. It's like a tablet. A tablet for the ages, for the historians to find and discover the lost words. Yep, I am happy to appease the followers, these enlighten creatures of the universe, these special people (not special as in "special" but special as in way ahead of the curve).

So be proud of yourselves my good people, you are in the know, you found the gold, you know the 'secret' that others are missing out on. I will continue to water the garden we have here.

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