Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tyler has been found.

This boy is lost in our Reserve.
I wonder where this boy went? Wonder what happened? The search in the Reserve continues. I can't imagine the anguish, the horror of not knowing.
He has been missing for over 6 weeks now. People go out and look for him all over. They have been searching the bush, the creeks, and have not found him. There is no hope that he is alive. Hard to think about. People are wondering if someone did something to him. Rumours abound. People are searching but where to look. People are saying someone must know something. Who knows?

SAGKEENG FIRST NATION -- There is a growing suspicion that foul play might be involved in the disappearance of Tyler Arkinson, the 14-year-old RCMP are searching for with dog teams and aircraft.

"(RCMP) have some new idea," said Camille St. Croix, the first cousin of Tyler, speaking for the family after he met with RCMP Tuesday evening.
A member of an RCMP search and rescue team scours the area along the Winnipeg River in Sagkeeng First Nation, where 14-year-old Tyler Arkinson disappeared early Sunday morning.
A member of an RCMP search and rescue team scours the area along the Winnipeg River in Sagkeeng First Nation, where 14-year-old Tyler Arkinson disappeared early Sunday morning.
St. Croix would not say what RCMP told him but confirmed stories circulating in the community that Tyler, was involved in a fight outside the local hockey arena on Saturday, the night of his disappearance.
St. Croix said he has also heard that Tyler was confronted shortly after by four youths who "dog-piled" him.
Later, Tyler joined friends at a bush party and then went to a house party in Sagkeeng. He was last seen leaving the party at about 3:30 a.m. when the owner told guests to leave.
His disappearance occurred during the reserve's annual Melvin Fontaine Memorial Hockey Tournament that attracted hundreds of aboriginal players from Ontario to Alberta. "There were hundreds of strangers around at that time," St. Croix said.
Tyler was not a hockey player and was not attending school this year. He lived in Calgary a year ago for a short time but had returned home to Sagkeeng, about 130 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg. St. Croix maintained Tyler had been drinking that night.
Grace Starr, Arkinson's great-aunt, said it's not like Tyler to go missing, adding his family is very worried.
"That's the part that scares us the most," Starr said this morning. "It's a close-knit family. If Tyler was going to be away overnight, he would call or ask his mom to come pick him up."
St. Croix thought it was suspicious that Tyler attended "a rip-roaring party. Then at 3:30 a.m. (the owner) kicked everyone out and (the house) was completely spotless at 9:30 a.m." when family went looking for Tyler.
He added that Tyler had taken his bicycle out that night and stashed it in the ditch to use later to get him home. The bicycle was still in the ditch the next day.
"There was no reason for (Tyler) to go into the woods," St. Croix said.
"We don't like to think there could have been trouble but it could be possible," he said.
RCMP said the Powerview detachment was contacted by the family late Monday afternoon. Officers from the detachment office conducted an initial search.
The search broadened Tuesday, with the local Powerview detachment assisted by the RCMP search and rescue team, the RCMP dog service, the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner and trained volunteers from Search and Rescue Manitoba, a civilian search organization.
RCMP spokeswoman Sgt. Line Karpish said about 30 trained volunteers are conducting a grid search in the area where Arkinson was last seen, south of Highway 11 about 10 kilometres northwest of Powerview.
An RCMP command post has been set up on the highway.
Community volunteers will marshall at 8 a.m. today to help with the search but the terrain is rugged.
"The search now is in an area that has thick bush and it's cold," Karpish said.
"It's kind of rough," said a Sagkeeng man who goes by the name of Bull, who helped with Tuesday's search on an all-terrain vehicle. "There's lots of windfall. Basically, you have to do a lot of walking."
Karpish said Arkinson was wearing black jeans, a grey sweater, a black jacket and red and black skateboard shoes.
Tyler is the second of four children for Darlene Arkinson and Lloyd Letander, and their only son.
"It's pretty hard, and getting harder by the minute" for Tyler's mother, said St. Croix.
Starr said RCMP searchers found clothing in the woods late this morning but the family said the items were not Tyler's.
Anyone with information about Tyler Arkinson is asked to contact the RCMP Powerview detachment, 204-367-8728.

A body found Monday in a community north of Winnipeg has been confirmed as that of Tyler Arkinson, 14, who went missing in March.

The boy was last seen on Manitoba's Sagkeeng First Nation as he was leaving a house party. A badly decomposed body was found Monday on the reserve, 125 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

Tyler's mother, Darlene Letander Arkinson, told CBC News that the RCMP confirmed Tuesday that the body found Monday was that of her son.

She offered thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who looked for the missing teen, and prayers for the families of other missing children.

She said a service will be held for her son at a later date.

"I felt excited and sad at the same time," she said about receiving the news. "But I knew. Our prayers were answered. And it brings a big closure. Right now I just got ... it is him."

The RCMP issued a release Tuesday afternoon confirming an autopsy had positively identified the remains as those of the missing boy. Police said the cause of death was undetermined.
Search teams look through bush and wooded areas on the shore of the Winnipeg River in March.Search teams look through bush and wooded areas on the shore of the Winnipeg River in March. (CBC)

The body was discovered along the south shore of the Winnipeg River in an area that had been searched in the spring.

Arkinson's family reported him missing to authorities after they did their own cursory search and failed to locate him.

A team of volunteers, RCMP members and representatives from the Office of the Fire Commissioner and Manitoba Search and Rescue searched the area for days and also failed to turn up anything.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/manitoba/story/2010/06/29/mb-tyler-arkinson-body-manitoba.html#ixzz0sM5f8S7a


  1. rip tyler.. whoever did this to you will get caught one day!!

  2. we love you tyler, we miss you

  3. omg thats so sad :'(
    RIP Tyler.

  4. I miss you everyday Tyler... You were an awesome friend... Rest in peace.. <3

  5. i miss you so much tyler , no one can ever take the place you had in my heart<3
    i love you always and forever tyler , and missing you everyday..

  6. love you tyler yu were one of my close friends yu told me lotsof things we shared lots of stuff together im happy that yu felt guud to tyalkto me when yu was down missing yu s much bro i love yu forever and always <3 R.I.P tyler sydney arkinson thats so sad yu had to go like this ....