Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pepsi in baby bottles, so good & so bad

At the high school in Sagkeeng they are having a health fair for two days. I went over to visit my cousin the principal there. He is a heavy guy, always been active, but is now a bit heavy. A couple of my other cousins work at the school and they are heavy as well. Why I mention them is that they were very active athletes as young men, but have now grown big. I see lots of my relatives getting big. Everyone is getting big. We know the world sees beauty as skinny bone racks, but being really heavy is not good. We have lots of health problems. The health fair gives us a snap shot at what we face and where our kids are heading to.

I remember as a young guy I used to see some babies having Pepsi in their baby bottles. That was years ago. I hear that it still takes place. You know drinks (pop) are sweet and kids like it. So it makes sense to give the little kids a drink. But really we're doing so much damage to our kids like that. The display of bottle showed us how much sugar is in a can of pop. Holy smokes! No wonder we get sick. We are addicted to pop, to sugar. Yuck. I am guilty of buying pop for my 13 year old and for my grand-daughter. But no more. I vow to stop doing that.

I am also very bad for going to McDonalds. I take my grand-daughter for nuggets and fries all the time. Tonight I talked with Chloe and we are now going to boycott rotten ronnies. I intend to keep this one. I want my kids to have the best and that means having their health.

It's so easy to get to eat junk and be lazy. I have to be a better role model for the kids, so that means getting rid of my big belly and my man boobs. Although they are quite attractive.


  1. Kia ora Steve,
    I think a lot of us guys who used to be very active, and maybe still are, continue to eat as if our metabolism was still that of 20 year old, and so we slowly pack on weight we don't "think" is there. Since having my hip done I am trying to be more cognizant of what I am putting into my mouth and asking myself if I am really even hungry. It is so hard as well with kids to get them to eat healthy when this sugar filled and processed junk food is marketed at us 24 and 7.

  2. Hope your hope heals quickly. An outdoor guy like you deserves to be out and about.