Monday, April 25, 2011

Being nice is easier than you think

I was very impressed with the Trainor Family out of Victoria Beach, Manitoba. This guy didn't have to do this. He has put an open invitation for the people of the Reserve to be able to pick rocks at his quarry. Now this may not seem like a big thing, but think about it. He took that time to paint this onto his sign. It took conscious effort to let people know what he thinks. I am very glad that there are people that still have a generous heart.
Desi Trainor - Good man

It is the little things we do that make the world a better place. I know we are prone to make mistakes but the little good things we do can make all the difference to someone else. It is not that we are looking for recognition when we do kind things, like exercising our compassion, but it is nice to acknowledge it. I am happy that the Trainor family did that and made the Indians feel welcome. Good for them.

Oh yeah, Thank you.

Kitchi Meegwetch.

You know it is easy to get upset and think bad. Or want to do mean things to people. We know what we can do if people are rude to us. In the movie "The Unforgiven" with Clint Eastwood, he had some great lines: "All right, I'm coming out. Any man I see out there, I'm gonna shoot him. Any sumbitch takes a shot at me, I'm not only gonna kill him, but I'm gonna kill his wife, all his friends, and burn his damn house down." That's how we all feel at one time or another. We know that we can hurt those people that ask to be hurt, by doing the ugly things or saying the ugly things they do. But what does that do to our own inside, our own well-being, our own souls? We are better if we practice that little bit of kindness, even if it hurts us. So we could be like the Trainors, exercise some compassion.


  1. Desi Trainor of Trainor Trucking is a great man, kind, generous and hard working. I'm proud to call him my friend and I'm impressed (but not surprised) at Desi's act of kindness to First Nations People.

    Just as commendable is the author of this blog posting this - well done and may you be blessed with happiness, good health and fortune.

  2. The Trainer family are very nice people. I remember when their dad Bert was alive and running Trainer Water. He took the time out to tour me and show how the plant operates. The boys get this kindness from the parents. Thank you there Trainer boys for allowing First Nations peoples to gather grandfathers for the sweats!!

  3. Desi is my cousin ☺ he told me too he really likes to hire people first from the reserve before anywhere else I know he has a lot of friends there too his ds is the same age as mine and I hope they can connect once we move out there . did you know Desi lost his older ds the same way you did ? it was devasting for the family . maybe you two are to meet one day ☺

  4. I know the Trainor name, but don't know them personally. I just know it was very nice of them, it is a reflection of how they are. I remember they used to let people have access to spring water on their property as well.

  5. The Trainors are actually Metis people I guess they lost their culture with assimilation Helen their Mum who married Bert Trainor was from Balsam Bay and her parents from Norway House .Lots of neat connections eh ☺