Saturday, April 16, 2011

Praying at the Sweat with Cousins

My Cousin Barry and his wife Sharon came into town last week. Barry made a Little Boy drum for my cousin Ernest. Barry wanted Ernest to set up a Sweat for the weekend. So Ernest had his son-in-law David Blacksmith do a lodge up at this place.
We went out and met with family over there.
We had the chance to pray for my cousin Frankie & Chantal's daughter Chanel. She has been found to have cancer. She is two years old. It was a sad and happy occasion at the same time. We were happy to visit with cousins. Sad that our cousin and brother Frank is suffering.

We think of him often but what is there to say. We can't know the pain he is going through, the anxious moments. We can only hope and we can pray that there is healing for the baby girl.

It is nice to Sweat with family. You laugh, you tease, you talk and you pray.

My cousins Joe, Barry, Uncle Harold, Paul & Ernest
David & Donald

Al/Randy, Barry, Sharon, Ernest, Don.

Joe, Ernest, Harold, Paul

Steph, Yolanda
Joe, Harold, Paul, Don

Inside the Lodge building
Sharon, Ernest, Sheryl, David

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