Saturday, April 2, 2011

Life After Addictions and Suicide: A Circle of Life Gathering.

ThunderBird House in Winnipeg, Manitoba will be the host site for a Gathering. The Gathering is bringing together people from all walks of life. The goal of the Gathering is to look at ways to progress past the anguish of Addictions and Suicide.

Elder Tobasonakwut, Mr. George Chuvalo and Theo Fleury are slated as Speakers at the Gathering. In addition, Traditional Teachers/Oshkabawis Chickadee Richards, Sally McDonald will be sharing their experience and knowledge.
Marcel Guibouche, Don Courchene, Wab Kinew, Ron McDonald are going to be involved either by Speaking, or as Helpers in Ceremony that will be taking place.

The Gathering is a continuation of a Gathering held in 2010. The focus of that Gathering was to look at the Survivors of suicide loss. It was extremely tough but nurturing as well.

This year the Gathering will look at "finding your cause". Perhaps the way to keep living is to work at a cause. Whether that cause is fighting drug abuse. Perhaps your cause is to live a good life. This becomes not a cause but a way of life.

Using the Speakers experiences maybe, just maybe some of us can be inspired to keep living and stop existing. We can make a difference in our own life but also in someone else's life.

The Gathering will take place May 10, 11, 2011 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Will keep you posted as to how we are progressing with the Gathering. Additional Speakers and Helpers. We welcome helpers and support from everyone.

We need Helpers with the Sweat Lodge, food, fire wood, Grandfathers, advertising, clothe, tobacco, sage, cedar, gifts for Speakers, and a host of items that I can't think of at the moment.

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