Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sagkeeng elections results

Donavan 725 Lyle 665 Derrick 436 Kirby 313 Johnish 294

Our people have made one change to the Council, my cousin Joe has not made it back in this year. The rest of the incumbents remain the same.

Now how does that make me feel? I did put my name in for Chief. I thought I went out and campaigned. It is now clear that I did not do a well enough job visiting and getting in touch with people. You have to be gracious in defeat. Even when it is crushing defeat. I am a bit confused in how I feel about another loss.

I do know that the community is not familiar with what I have to offer. It is disheartening but the people are comfortable at how things are going in the community. I still feel that things could be different. Different in a community cultural shift. From being individual thinking to more community broad based thinking. That is something I do hope will gain momentum in our community. A focus on more long-term community based mindset.

You know what? I do feel bad. Kind of sad and disappointed. There is an opportunity that you realize when you can be good for the community. Maybe it's for the best, but I am hurt. I live a life that is for Indians. I love my community. I don't get paid to pray or get paid to help people. I don't do stuff for recognition. I do it because it is the right thing to do. It's not like I don't have the skills.
I am friendly to people, help where I can and am just a nice person. That is hard to say in my state...depression. Lot of times I see myself in a whole different light. I honestly made an effort to let people see who I am. Not sure what to think.
I guess I am wrong and our Chief is doing right by the people. They chose him overwhelmingly. So we need to honor our Council and that is what I hope to do. Our community has made the choice.

Lot of mixed feelings. People didn't vote for Don. Here is a guy that ran major entities in the private and public sector. Is strong minded and can get things done. Yet people will elect candidates with no experience in governance? So that frustrates me. It's not the ability that gets you, I am not sure what it takes? Oh well, no use spending too much energy on second guessing a voting public.


  1. It is disappointing about the election results. These are the things that happen and all we can do is keep doing what we are doing because we care. It was not meant to be at this time but who knows in the future? Keep up your good work - your voice is strong and resonnates even way over here in Aotearoa. Kia kaha.

  2. Questioning the intelligence of the voting public is something I have done since November. The people in general do not do their homework, they do not pay attention to who is best for the people at large. What they do do is listen to gossip, rumors, innuendo, and then vote based on that. It appears that ignorance of the issues and the ability of someone to fix said issues go hand in hand, regardless of where you live, or your culture. It is incredibly sad, that so many people are ok with that. The fact that you are not ok with it says a great deal. Keep on fighting the good fight, one day good will win.