Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Death Clock.

I went to a funeral parlor the other day. Does anyone still use the word parlor?
It is a sad fact that one hundred percent of us die. That is the truth and no matter how honest you are, that can not be changed.

It is a difficult thing to think about, death. Making arrangements at the time of death is even more difficult. I know that when someone dies, especially those that we love dearly, we want to send them off with as much as we can. That usually means getting the expensive casket. The big array of flowers. The great suit and expensive jewellery. I guess that must have always been the way. People buried with all sorts of treasures.

For me I want nothing but the funeral is a much for the living as it is for the deceased. So I guess some type of service and casket is in order. My Dad is dead set against a casket. He wants to be in blankets and wants to be cremated. If he could have his way, no service. So he has said a one day service. Sounds strange to hear my Dad talk about his wishes at death. But I guess he is being practical.

I spoke to a friend of mine, whose Dad had passed. It was a difficult time to make all the arrangements. Decisions are quick, you don't get a chance to think about the funeral or the wishes of the parent. It is a hard thing.

The other hard thing is that are we inviting death if we talk about it? Do we plan for a service ahead of time and by doing that do we speed up the process?
I hope not, but you never really can know about such things.

So I called Purple Shields (insurance company) to ask about my Dad's policy. They asked me if he had died, I said "no, he's just old".  Anyway, my wife didn't think it was that funny. My brother laughed.  

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