Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RCMP: sick and distasteful harassment towards fellow Woman officer

 I just had to share this story. In Canada a pig Farmer had been killing women for years and the police failed to act on it. Numerous tips about the pig farmer were ignored by the police in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. After his arrest and conviction it became apparent that the police did not act in the best interest of the citizens of BC. Now an inquiry into what happened is taking place. That inquiry has been stacked against the citizens of BC (Women) and many believe that the truth of what took place will not be found. Their fellow office, Galliford is speaking out on the conduct of the police. It will be interesting to see how she will be portrayed by the police media.

Female RCMP officer says male colleagues told her they fantasized serial killer Pickton would gut her like a pig

(Cpl. Cahterine Galliford.Photo by Renegage98 Flickr)

APTN National News
VANCOUVER–The female RCMP corporal who announced the arrest of Robert Pickton says fellow male officers told her they fantasized that the serial killer would break out of prison, track her down, strip her naked, hang her from a meat hook and gut her like a pig.

RCMP Cpl. Catherine Galliford, the former face of the Missing Women’s Task force, said RCMP officers also made jokes about sex toys and gave each other fist pumps after details began to emerge about what happened to the women Pickton butchered.

Police found a gun with a dildo strapped to the barrel in Pickton’s trailer.

Galliford, in an interview with the Vancouver Province newspaper, said RCMP and Vancouver officers watched porn and left work early to “go drinking and partying” instead of investigating the disappearance of women in the Downtown Eastside.

Galliford, who has been on sick leave for four years, told the Province she would be testifying on behalf of victims in January at the Pickton inquiry which was tasked with finding out why it took so long for police to catch the serial killer.

Galliford said she faced years of harassment from male officers and superiors on the force.

Her allegations are contained in a 115 page statement submitted to the RCMP.

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  1. Interesting...Since the "testosteron team"had so much hatered for their own colleague(a woman)one can wonder how much compassion did they feel for the victims(women...).It seems the jolly old boys were so busy measuring their body parts that they just couldn't be bothered with testimonies that could save life of several people.No matter army,police or security,You'll always have some pathetic complexed fellows who have racist or sexist attitude(because they have nothing else).No warrior would ever act this way,no man(or woman) of honor could peacefully live in this kind of environment.I hope we will not have to listen to even more grotesque comments style "the lady who complained was emotionally disturbed homosexual drug user".The smear camaign usually follows all cases that "went wrong".While it was kinda difficult to find something on the 7 year old or 92 years old killed at home(botched raids),there were attempts to spread some mud even in cases as drastic as José Guerrena's ( wait and see what is "wrong" with Galliford.