Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pathway to Decolonization Gathering July 2012 Winnipeg Manitoba

A Gathering will take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba this July. It will be a gathering to have youth enter into an understanding of the Ogichidaa Teachings. Ogichidaakwe and Ogichidaa will be providing Teachings. Elders will provide guidance and Teachings to those taking part. It is in the early stage of being organized but many Elders, Teachers, and Helpers are committed to take part.

Hello Folks: 


What it will take to make the Gathering happen.

by Ogichidaa Anishinaabe on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 10:21am
First, acknowledge the Creator (God). As always.
Then we have an idea, we take to an Elder for input, guidance and approval.
We need to start engaging people, getting more ideas, dates, places, speakers, helpers, Teachings, themes and organizing strategy. Some prayer and some more thought.

The dull parts: setting dates, securing a place, - done
Getting input and partners, Teachers, Elders, - starting.
Action plan:  where are we right now, where do we want to be, how do we get there?
We are at the starting phase. Meeting with the OgichidaaKwe for their Leadership. Seeking ideas, asking for help.
- need 20 youth or adults to participate at a Ceremony - as Learners - to focus on
- need minimum four fire keepers to keep fire going first night second day and night, third day,
- need minimum two cords of chopped wood for fires.
- need Sweat Lodge carriers - for Lodges - first night, - second evening - third day - tarps as well - forks
- need Oskabawis (helpers) for the grounds, the lodges, and the Elders helpers.
- need Teachers - for variety of Teachings - Women's Roles as Ogichidaakew - Men's roles as Ogichidaa, How to recognize colonial thinking, Where to start journey of decolonization, The Lodges - Sundance-SweatLodge, Teaching Lodge,Threats to our identity- our duty to Creator & the People.
-need to have food for the target group, Elders, helpers, -all others fend for themselves.
- need to have cooks,
- need water.
- need Grandfathers for Lodges - minimum 200 (rocks)
- need helpers for grounds at night - to assist youth - campers.
- need financial assistance for travel for Teachers from far away.
- need billeting homes for out of town guests
- need organizer(s)
- need promotional posters of event
- need people to join and commit to the event
- need people to suggest a youth and make them aware
- need youth to commit to being focus target audience
- need  gifts for the 20 youth that are being giving Teachings

- need more list of what needs to be done

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  1. Did You paint the town RED?Blessings for the gathering and the participants.