Monday, November 28, 2011

Sabrina is hitchhiking,

I had the good fortune of picking up a hitch-hiker today. She is Sabrina. She and her dog Ally are going back home to Quebec. A young girl with a very friendly and trusting personality. I was only able to give her a short ride from the west end of the city to the east end of Winnipeg. I dropped her off on the East bound Trans-Canada highway.

She is fortunate that the weather is not as cold as it usually is for this part of the country. I understand that by Thursday the weather will change and become it normal cold. By that time she should be in Ontario and closer to Quebec.

It was a good feeling for me to give this young girl a ride. Even if it was short. It made me feel good, kind of proud of myself. I know that is selfish to feel good about doing nothing really. But that's it, isn't it? We need to feel good about ourselves even if we don't really do extraordinary things. It should be normal to do a kind deed of some sort, no matter how small.

She was very nice and shared some of her experiences with me. She is quite a traveler. Been to South America, Mexico and the West Coast of Canada. I worry about the safety of trips like, backpacking. I guess there is a large number of young people that do that. Travel around, work here and there, make friends and see the world. I wish in my youth I could have been adventurous like that. Never occurred to me in my wildest dreams. But now I wish for my daughter to be able to travel. Maybe not by herself but with a group.

So to all the Sabrina's out there. Have a great adventure, make friends, and most of all be safe.

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