Sunday, February 24, 2013

Holy Man People,can you feel the love?

You know love is a funny thing. It means many things. It could mean the kind of love between you and your woman or man (in Bible speak, Eros), or the type of love you have for your friends and stuff (in Bible speak, Phileo), the love you have for you kids (in Bible speak Stroge) and of course the love you have for the Creator (in Bible speak, Agape).

Me, I was not really used to the word love. I always equated it with love between a partner/spouse. So it was not something I would say lightly. I would not say it to my friends, family or my Mom and never to my Dad. It seemed wrong. Seemed normal enough to me to not say love. Seemed weird if you would say it to your family member, whether it be Kookum or Mom or brothers and sisters. So when others say it, I would be uncomfortable. I know the thinking was due to the impact of the "schools" that my ancestors, parents and us, went to. Love was dirty I guess?

But I am better now. I know love means many different things and all equally powerful. My deceased Brother Poncho was cool like that. "I love you bro", was a common thing for him to say. He didn't even have to be juiced or drinking to say it. :0 I love my family, my kids, my grandkids and my Reserve as well. My wife I really like her and love her. I still think Like is a very powerful word. It was the word that I used as the word love for most of my life.

So as the immortal Tom Wait says, " I hope I don't fall in love with you", but if I do, its all good.

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