Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Blog Title

Well Thinking and thinking, maybe time to change the name of the blog.
I have seen other blogs and they are catchy.
Maybe people don't know Ojibwe. Or maybe the confessions part reminds them of confessionals? You know like when you were kneeling in that little booth and having to recite the last time you were in confession and how sorry you are?

In any case thinking maybe. Native Ojibway? but is that redundant? Would it matter?

So if you can think of something, don\t be shy, let me know.

Oh yeah no prono names. I already tried that.


  1. Around here there is talk of renaming a river that has a nondescript name, Boardman.

    The new possible name for this river?


  2. One Ojibway Perspective.