Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Terry Nelson supports NHL Evander Kane on Racism in the Sport

 The National Hockey League NHL is one of the few team sports in North America that is dominated by Whites. 

Native Activist and former Chief of Roseau River, Terry Nelson writes to the Winnipeg Sun to offer his point of view on the young Black hockey player and what is happening in the main stream media. 
Winnipeg Jets left winger Evander Kane warms up during the pre-game skate prior to playing the Philadelphia Flyers in NHL hockey in Winnipeg, Man. on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013. (BRIAN DONOGH/Winnipeg Sun files)

Evander Kane says some of the criticism he receives is because of his race.
The Winnipeg Jets forward made the comments for a story in an upcoming edition of the Hockey News Magazine, due out early next month.
“A good portion of it is because I’m black and I’m not afraid to say that,” Kane told the interviewer, according to the Twitter feed of Hockey News editor in chief, Jason Kay.
The publication will feature Kane and Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane addressing the off-ice controversy that’s dogged them early in their careers.
Since coming to Winnipeg from Atlanta, Evander Kane has been the subject of criticism in both social and mainstream media regarding rumours of unpaid restaurant bills, an alleged bar-room fight and his supposed desire to be traded.
During the recent lockout, he drew negative attention by posting a picture of himself on Twitter holding stacks of cash on a Las Vegas hotel room balcony.
He’s also not shy about getting flamboyant haircuts promoting boxers or rappers and posting those photos, his latest featuring the letters ‘YMCMB’ shaved into his head — an acronym for ‘Young Money Cash Money Billionaires,’ a company owned by rapper Lil Wayne.
“I don’t feel like a victim and I don’t want to be perceived as one,” Kane told the Hockey News’ Ken Campbell.
“It’s just the way I’m wired. Maybe my parents loved me the proper way, so I love myself.”
The Jets say they’ll wait until the entire article is published before offering any comment.
Campbell sent out the following message via his Twitter account, Wednesday: “Amid all the controversy surrounding Evander Kane’s comments to THN, I want to make one thing perfectly clear... the young man is engaging, intelligent and uber comfortable in his own skin. He should not be vilified for speaking his mind.”
Coming off a 30-goal season, Kane, 21, signed a six-year, $31.5-million contract with the Jets in September, just before the lockout.
He has three goals and six assists in 12 games this season, but hasn’t scored in his last seven games.
Patrick Kane’s off-ice behaviour has faced similar scrutiny in Chicago, an altercation with a Buffalo cab driver in the summer of 2009 the low point of his tenure with the Blackhawks.


From: Terrance Nelson []
Sent: February-20-13 10:39 AM
Subject: Evander Kane

Refusing to be the "house nigger"

Evander Kane has every right to challenge racism in the NHL and in Winnipeg. Despite the attack by Don Cherry upon Evander Kane for using the "race card", there is no doubt that racism in the NHL is real. Not long ago Boxing, Baseball, Football, and Basketball were white only because blacks were excluded. The last bastion of white dominance in a sport is hockey, why wouldn't there be racist reaction to blacks in a "white" sport. Paul Friesen who initially wrote in the Winnipeg Sun about the complaint Evander Kane made should go see the movie Django Unchained. My 20 year son loved the movie so much, he went with me to see it a second time. Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, the word "nigger" is used so often in the three hour movie, the shock wears off. The movie is cartoon-ish, something like "Kill Bill" but although I didn't initially like it, I got into it as I watched the reaction of the white folk in the theatre. Don Cherry would squirm in his seat if he watched the movie.

Dicaprio as the villain was a poor choice, he doesn't make the grade as a villain. The real Oscar role belongs to Samuel L. Jackson. Director Quentin Tarantino read what Malcolm X wrote of the difference between the field nigger and the house nigger. Jackson delivers an Oscar winning performance as the "house nigger". What Don Cherry wants for the NHL is gratitude from the black man that you have been allowed into a white sport. Cherry wants Evander Kane to "suck it up" and be another Jackie Robinson, a class act taking all the taunts and racial slurs without responding to the racism. Robinson, the first black man in major league baseball did what he had to do in his era, he was a great man. Howard Cosell on television at an NFL game calling a black man a "little monkey" and others calling the first black men in the NFL, "jungle bunnies" is what racism was. The NHL is no different. The white guys just don't want Evander Kane telling it like it is. Evander Kane deserves to say what needs to be said, the days of the house nigger are over, no more grovelling in front of the master, no more sucking it up just because someone paid for the ticket to see the game.

Thank you Evander Kane for not being quiet about racism. Remember Evander that even though 70% of the white people who voted in the United States election voted against Obama, there is still a black man in the White House. Obama is not a house nigger and you don't have to be either. Some people want you to be quiet, but you belong to a different era, you have every right to tell like it is. The indigenous people who live in Winnipeg have felt the racism and know that you are speaking the truth.

Terrance Nelson.