Friday, August 6, 2010

Boozing, drugs and hotels

Well a buddy of mine received a little bit of cash a couple of weeks ago. I think it was around a hundred and forty thousand. It is part of that Indian Residential School payment process for Indians that were abused. Not a good way to get cash but that's the way it is. Some of my cousins are kind of making light of the situation. Saying things like "look at the truck that Father Plamado bought me!" Father Plamado is infamous for "washing" the boys in the school. He washed a lot of boys. :D
Anyway my buddy is sitting in a skid hotel as I write this. He was suppose to get married tomorrow. But like in the movie Hangover, "that's not going to happen".
It is an interesting thing. This buddy of mine is real intelligent but at the same time really dumb about his drinking.
You kind of wish he would make some good choices about his money. It's not a lot of money and will go pretty quickly. Lot of people putting demands on his money.
I think that whole process of the payments and the process is weird (or as my wife says, whheird).
Money and issues that is an interesting mix.
But one thing is for sure that money is getting into the economy.

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