Monday, August 9, 2010

A Great deal of Sweating

Woo, it was hot today. The Sweat Lodge Ceremony was too hot for the cool people. My grandson Jackjack went into the Sweat to get his name. Jackson is one year old. It was my cousin Marie that conducted the Ceremony.
The Giveaway and the Feast that followed the Sweat was great. I am a food expert. You don't get to have a big belly by eating greens. Although I am a fan of greens, not sure why but it feels like work when you have to make a salad or mix some dressing on your greens.
My wife is a great cook. My Brother Don took over on the grill for barbeque food. My sister Jean is always as helpful and willing to open her home to guests.
We were fortunate that my brother Howard and wife Val, made a trip out from Alberta. They were supporting us int eh Sweat.
The oldest Brother Poncho and wife Jeannie, came over to join in the Feasting.
All in all a very good day.
Jackson took to the Sweat like a heavy hitter to a buffet.
Me, I was crying torture.
My boy Ed was the fire keeper for the Sweat.
Amelia did her job being the cute older sister and my boss.
Chloe had other plans and needed to keep them. She is my first boss and the baby.


  1. No pictures? At least of the food? ;D

  2. My computer is in the shop and am using my daughter's, so we don't save the pics on this machine.
    Food was awesome. :)

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