Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Money wins over the environment

This week a Polar Bear showed up in the Indian Reserve of Shamattawa, Manitoba. That is about four hundred kilometers south of where the Bears usually stay and hunt for food.
That is a strange occurrence. In addition a number of Jelly Fish were found in the fresh water up here in Manitoba.
In the province of Alberta, a professor has done research on the affects of the Tar Sands. The new study contradicts what the government has been saying that the river is not being polluted. The Indian community that relies on the river have been saying different.
This is not an amusing story with some happy moral tale that we walk away with.
It is our home.
We are at the mercy of money.
We live by money.
We are helpless.
We can't expect the government to act.
It will take a major shift in the way the world works.
The reliance on fuel is killing us.

The "Earth will shake like a dog and shed its fleas"...

Eaarth the new book by Bill McKibben is going to educate us. We should be scared. We should not be complacent. Sadly we are.


  1. Interesting quote, "the earth will shake like a dog and shed its fleas"... is that an Ojibway saying? Maybe if we parasites stop causing the dog so much pain and irritation it will not feel the need to shake...

  2. I remember that quote from the book
    Mitakuye Oyasin: We Are All Related by AC Ross.
    It is a good little read. A bit dated but still okay.

  3. A more concentrated focus on "Green" energy sources. Weatherproofing the homes, businesses, and whatnot to avoid waste. Companies following the laws and regulations that are there, instead of looking to cut corners at every turn. Doing the right thing. A lot can be done by us as individuals, the rest must be done by the Corporate structure, and the Governments. Things are beginning to change, weather patterns(already changed) migration patterns, and whatever else, because the human animal has abused this planet.