Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh those Damn Petty things

You know what bugs me? Nothing really in particular but I do have some little bits of stuff that kind of bugs me. Like when there is a pebble in my sandals. What the heck? You would think that with all the open space in that shoe the pebble would just be able to slide out, but NOOOOOOOO, it stays there right under the soft part of your foot.
You know life must be okay when you start to think about the little stuff. But you know what, it's that little stuff that we know is not important and it let's us know where we are at.
If all we have is little things, than that's a good thing.
Actually the rock in the shoe thing is not that big a deal. I just stop and remove it, if I'm not lazy. But sometimes I am just to damn lazy to remove it, so I wiggle my foot, lift my foot, shake my foot, but I won't bend down, undo the velcro strap and remove my shoe.
What really does bug me and can ruin my day is, the using a rinsed out coffee pot for hot tea water. You can't have a hint of coffee taste in your tea. It ruins the whole atmosphere. The sacredness of drinking tea. The pure delight of that delicious tea. The nice hot (not too hot) warm, just at the tip of becoming a little strong, not too strong where it is bitter, but where the tea taste makes everything in life just so, so delightful. That is what really bugs me. It has me off for days. Vowing never to go to the restaurant or store that had dared to use an old coffee urn for the boiling of water for tea. How dare them.

I have been listening the news about the Miners trapped in Chile and I see now that is some real hurt over there. If I think I have some issues, the families and the miners are in for a long haul. Top it off, I heard the mine is going broke and these guys are not even going to be paid, never mind that they are going to be stuck for four months. Ouch.
I was going to list a bunch of petty things that are common to deal with, but I think that that's too petty to do.
Hoping you have a great weekend and telling you, (that's right! telling ya) to embrace the petty stuff.

Speaking of Confessions, I have never told my wife this: I am pretty squeemish. Yeah it's true, the man of steel is a bit faintie.
Been that way since I can remember. Head will rush, get kind of queazy feeling, see lights, purple lights, than bam, out like a light. Anyway this one time, I was seventeen years old. I had stayed out drinking and passed out at this house. Next thing I know my Dad is waking me up and pushing me out the door. Telling me if I say I am going to do something, I should do it. I was suppose to drive my Dad's car, pick up kids and drive them to their hockey game in the town, 40 miles away. My older cousin was the coach of the team and needed help picking up the kids in the Reserve for the hockey game. So I went. I was sick as a dog. My head was pounding like mad drums at a pow-wow. Not those fancy steel drums in the Caribbean but those big bass drums you see, hear and feel at a Pow-wow. I was sick man sick. But I still went to the game. At the game I was sitting around being sick. This guy I know from Sagkeeng was there as well. He was there to watch his little brother play hockey. He was a good hockey player. Anyway, he asks me if I "want a toke" (smoke marijuana). I say sure what the heck, maybe it will help my hangover sickness.
So I went outside and smoke dope with him. I got high. I was still sick. I went to the basement of the Arena to take a pee. While I was standing at the urinal (You know the old type that go all the way to the floor) taking a pee, I started to feel funny. I started to get woozy, then the purple lights came. I woke up laying at the base of the urinal with my weeny sticking out and me on all fours.

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