Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Boy (jackjack) will be getting his Name.

Tobacco has been passed to my cousin Marie for the Naming Ceremony of our Grandson, Jackson.
So we are going to be getting the Cloth and items for the Giveaway for the Ceremony.
Jackson has turned one year old and he will be going into the SweatLodge Ceremony with us.
We are so happy and excited for the Boy.
I remember when my baby girl Chloe went for her name. I remember her standing just outside the Doorway of the Sweat after she had finished sitting one round in the Lodge. She was two years old. I know she was suppose to go at one year old, but a sad thing happened that year, so she didn't go for her name. In the Sweat She sat on my lap and just was cool about the whole situation. Lately, We were looking at some video of Chloe and Her Granny Hazel . She was so cute as a baby and her Granny was so loving to her.

Amelia was a bit nervous when she got her name. In the SweatLodge she was not too pleased to be in the small crowded place. It was a very good Ceremony as my niece and nephew also received their names.

I expect JackJack to be okay. He's at the one year old mentality. They are still connected to the Spirits and can communicate with them. He will be in his own little cool world.

We will introduce him to the people at the Ceremony and have a Feast after the Sweat.

I think it is an awesome thing to look forward to.

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