Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do the right thing

"I sleep good at night."
What is the right thing? My right thing could be one hundred percent wrong.
And what the heck does 'doing the right thing' have to do with sleeping?
What if your bed is one of those cheap, skinny, sink hole mattress types? Do you still sleep good. And some couches are comfortable to crash on, but to be sleeping on a couch that has those big arm rests, which make the couch too short to really stretch out on, is it really a good sleep? I don't think so.

I think about doing the right thing not all the time.
Like yesterday, there were a couple of people at a cross walk downtown. The traffic wasn't stopping, but these people weren't trying to get across, so there was some confusion as to stop and wait for them or to go through, I honked (permped, beemped) my car horn to get the guys attention. He gave me the finger but I didn't see it, my daughter told me, as we driving ahead, I said "what?" So I went to stop, so I could go and hit this guy, but my daughter touched my arm and so "no Dad, just go." So I just listened to her and kept on driving. But man? Did that bug the heck out of me. I was seething for a long time. I just wanted so much to hit that "bastard" and my daughter took that away from me. So what was the right thing. :D It's actually no big deal and almost all the time I would think nothing of it. But it is funny how your mind works and what triggers your emotional response to things. And how the feelings linger.
I did the right thing, but I don't feel good about it. That guy needs something to hit him on the foot real hard. So hard that his toe throbs for half a day.

And that's the point the right thing doesn't make you sleep good at night.


  1. My wife does that to me. A guy almost rammed us in the side, then laid on his horn and flipped ME off. Well, before she could catch me I was out the door and going to rip this guy out of his car when she finally caught me. All she said is do you want your daughter to see this? Yeah, probably not. It is a struggle dealing with the ignorant. Hopefully we have the endurance to get past them. :D

  2. Yeah people can be rude. Even when they are in the wrong. Not a very good way to be anyway.
    His wife will probably cheat on him that's for sure. Guys like that, are too sour to be happy. :0