Thursday, February 20, 2014

Are you Afraid?

Are you afraid?  I sure am.

The world looks like one scary place. The U.N. just came out with the report on Korea (North) and found that they are committing crimes against humanity. Horrible stuff coming out of that report with accounts from former prisoners and people who have been able to get out of Korea. International affairs or world politics seems like such a complicated place. It seems so far away but yet it can have some impact on us, don't you think?  I mean there are people getting blown up everyday in the world. Should we feel safe and not afraid way over here?  Anyway the turbulent ways of the world is not what scares me right now. It is how a fragile a single life is. Not single as in not living with a significant other, but single in the individual. How they can be here one minute and poof, they're gone. How scary is that? I mean the world is scary enough as it is, you know worrying about fundamentalism, extremism, terrorism, and all the other isms out there. But to sit back or sit up and think about how fragile life is for someone you know. Now that is scary.

I used to go see this therapist, a psychologist who I didn't really connect with. I thought he was going through the motions. Not really trying to understand the deep deep inner-workings of a sophisticated complex renaissance man that is known as simply Steve (not simple Steve, but "just Steve"). Anyway, I don't think he liked me very much. He kept saying things like, how come you are still coming here? Why aren't you trying to seek help?  You are superstitious. Okay so he didn't say all that stuff. He did comment that I was superstitious. It was in reference to how I was thinking about things.

You see I think that if you love someone too much, it will be taken away from you. If you get too happy it will be taken away from you.  Weird I know. If you talk about someone dying, you will invite the death to come. Things like that is what I think of and get scared of. I get scared to lose. To lose someone close to me. Someone I love so much that I would gladly change places.

I think many people are like that. We have so much to be afraid of: The world weather changing in a crazy manner like floods, tornadoes, suicide bombers, getting a new pig flu, bird flu, AIDS, Cancer, hunting accident, car accident, brain aneurysm, flesh eating disease,  snakes on a plane, ants on a plane, that weird worm that gets stuck in your stomach and comes out of your bum, that fly that lays eggs under your skin when it bites you, bed bugs, those little skin bugs that are in your bed, radiation poison from those nuclear power plants in Japan, the economic crisis ( which one I know, every day we hear about some kind of big money collapse), oil snakes (pipelines), the bad movies by Woody Allen ( I am not sure why people like his movies?) Justin Bieber, Elephantiasis, hiccups, long toe nails (they hurt when they scratch you), bad breath, and one other thing, fat people.

I am afraid of being superstitious because I know it is true.  People don't think or say these things for nothing. I mean it must come from somewhere, right?

I am afraid if I listen to my own advice I might do something. Something bad. And I don't want that. I don't want to hurt anyone. Not being able to get over pain is a big fear I have. I can't let go. It's like an obsession. I get so low that I can't pretend some days.

Anyway, be afraid be very afraid. That thing under the bed? Well it must have come from somewhere.

I used to be very afraid of the Devil. Now it doesn't bother me. Not sure of the reason. I used to be afraid of dogs. Really scared of them. Now, not afraid, cautious if the dog is big, but no longer scared.

Spiders are another thing. And rats. I don't like rats.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Can Indians have a Sovereign State?

There has been so much talk about Indian Sovereignty by Indian politicians, as well as main stream politicians. But is it really something that is achievable or even desired?

I don't think the Federal government of Canada would want that and I don't think the provinces do either. You see the provinces are operating illegally  over the control of the land. The land management was transferred to them in 1930 through the Natural Resources Transfer Act.  So both types of government have it in their best interest if First Nations have no sovereignty of any kind.

You know it is quite depressing and very upsetting that the government lives this lie. They all know it. But continue to promote the big lie. And you know what is even more upsetting?  Many of our own people buy into that lie. You know the big lie?  Canada owns the resources on Turtle Island.

So the government is going after the "illegal" cigarette trade these days. Two guys from our Reserve got busted yesterday. Its funny because the Community of Dakota Plains First Nation, got attacked or raided I should say, (semantics really) by the RCMP on the direction of the Provincial government. Over fucking smokes?  Can you get that?  This Band was dealing with another Band, (First Nation to First Nation) and the province sent the attack dogs to stop them.

You know its not about smokes, right? It is the issue of having control over your domain. Your home.  Nope that is not how its done these days. You can only have control over welfare. And even then it is the rules of welfare that the government tells you what the rules are. Sheesh.

Every single time I hear an Indian Chief or better yet, a government guy/gal speaking about Indian sovereignty I just gag in my own throat. What a bunch of bull fucking shit.

You know what is hard? Try turning a yes into a no. You get what I mean?  It is best to start with a no. So when the government comes saying "hey, lets go into this agreement, it will give you more control, more options". Say fucking no. You know why? Once you say yes, the others are now caught in your yes. So if you say yes to provincial regulations for smoking by laws, or gambling in your community, or land mangement in your area, there can never ever be a no. The first Reserve to sign a gaming license with the province screwed all the other communities. Because now the table is set. No longer can you say we have control over or sovereignty over this domain, the province has. It has been shown and given up by some imbecile over there in that community.

Really the issue is simple: do you really think society way back when didn't have trade? Didn't have rules of governance? Didn't have a sense of authority? Or do you really think it was caveman shit? If you think that, man you are one dumb fuck. Indians were a living society just like any fucking place on the planet. But yet the government of Canada would have you believe that Indians didn't have any type of society norms, rules or systems. That is why this government is spending so much cash on fighting every fucking Indian right in the courts. Courts that they have selected by the way.

Newly released public accounts figures reveal that the federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs was by far the top spender on legal fees as it continues to battle First Nations' rights.
The department spent $106 million on legal services in 2012-13, slightly less than the $110 million it spent the year before. The legal costs for the Canada Revenue Agency were second at $66 million, followed by Canada prosecution services and the RCMP at $37 million and $21 million respectively.
So, the government spends more money on legal costs to fight First Nations in court and to challenge land claims and treaty issues than it spends on chasing tax cheats and on legal services to help the Mounties fight crime.

They do this because they know, they know they have to support their big lie.

The Government in the constitutions (and even in the NRTA) says that Indians have Rights. But yet, the governments, both federal and provincial are not even trying to pretend anymore that Indians have rights or are sovereign.  Shit our own leaders keep saying yes to the government big lie.

It shouldn't come to a big surprise that the new breed of Indian is going to say "hey, wait a fucking minute here".  Yep, its going to come to that and you can see it coming.

CSIS is no fool, that is why they have already drawn contingency plans for the Indian

CSIS Public Report 2009-2010 - Service canadien du ...
Jan 27, 2011 - annual CSIS Public Report, which provides us with an opportunity to .... Eco-extremists, Aboriginal extremists and other issue-motivated groups.

"The report says CSIS employs 3,200 and its annual operating costs for 2011-2012 totalled $540 million. For the first time, it has hired a proactive Aboriginal recruiter “whose main role is to reach out to Aboriginal, First Nation and Inuit communities throughout Canada.”"

 “Aboriginal people in general have been under CSIS alert since the 80s,”Chantal Chagnon, an organizer with Idle No More in Calgary, was not surprised to hear that the group has been monitored by CSIS.

I link related stories to articles that may have you find out more information regarding points or stories I have brought out, just in case you are interested. That is why some of the words are purple. Just click on them. :)

Women and the young are the ones that are going to lead.

Its too bad we don't practice some little bit of responsibility for our people. Take the Indian Registry for example. Why are we blindly following their rules?  The Band can have its own registry. They can list who their members are, instead they follow Indian Affairs without question. The Bands are throwing away their members, their families with the policy of the status rules. We even follow the provincial birth registry when we register our children. Register our children as the "6-2" when a mom decides not list the biological father on the provincial birth certificate. Regardless if that child's father is a Band Member of a Tribe. Bands have no idea of what they are doing to their own people. Practice a little bit of control for the people. Sovereignty is not a catch phrase. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I pooped myself today

This post is about poop!  So you are informed going in. 

I was speaking with a group of people taking part in a treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse a little while ago. The subject of crapping one's self came up. I think everyone in the group denied ever having done that. I said "bull shit".  Man, if you have gotten smashed to the point you can't remember or even stand, how in the heck are you going to control your bowels?  It's an embarrassing thing to admit. Once I was at a festival in the local town. I wasn't partying or anything just hanging out with friends. Saw this young woman with a nice pink pants on, she had poop on her pants. Felt bad for her. Poop is bad. Especially if it's on your light coloured pants.

This young guy was telling me about his story; he was with friends and he needed to poop.  So he went find a quiet place in the bush to do his business. Thing was he didn't really have toilet papers. Don't know how but he got stains all over the back of his white shirt. He said his friends laughed and laughed. He was laughing as he was telling the story. That's the thing, it really is no big deal. You poop. Heck even the TP commercials are using the poop word on regular television: "everyone has to go we not enjoy the go".

My wife gives me heck all the time for being stupid. Lucky she never knew me when I was a booze hound. When I used to drink I would get so pissed drunk that I was lucky that defecating myself was the only thing I did. Oh yeah, you have to thank Pink Floyd for introducing that word to a whole crowd of Neechies that didn't know defecate from percolate.

 "The evidence before the court is Incontrovertible, there's no need for The jury to retire.In all my years of judging I have never heard before Of someone more deserving Of the full penalty of law.The way you made them suffer,Your exquisite wife and mother,Fills me with the urge to defecate!" 

Another teacher for the uniformed Neechie was the movie Christine:  

Rudolph Junkins: I understand, uh, one of the perpetrators, uh, defecated on the dashboard. Now, I woulda thought you'd be madder than hell at that. And I thought you woulda reported that.
Arnie Cunningham: Shit wipes off.

Who knew that music and movies could be so enlightening?  About poop yet?

Why is poop so gross?

I was going down ( or up) to visit my Dad on the Reserve. It's about and hour and half drive from the city going north. Anyway, I was wearing these nice khaki shorts, you know the beige ones.  I had to pooget (fart) so no big deal. Oops. I was past the halfway point of the trip, so no use heading back home. I didn't phone and tell my wife. She already worries about how I am going to be when I get much older and she has to look after me. Throw me in the home I guess. Anyway, lucky my Dad had spare clothes. I took one of his dark brown pants. I still have them. My granddaughter was 2 when she said to me, "nice pants granpa". My lucky dark brown pants. My grandpa pants. My wife tells our daughter that she is scared of how I might be senile already. She thinks about how I am now, can you imagine how I am going to be in a few years when I can no longer control my bowels???

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