Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Meeting Herbalists Nancy & Chad in Winnipeg - The Hollow Reed

Well we met this Lady over at Michaels craft shop. Earl Morrisseau of Sagkeeng has started to make Walking and Talking Sticks. He goes out and finds the Diamond Willow and harvests them for making his sticks. Earl was shopping for some stones at Michaels to add to his sticks and happened to notice another artist browsing the paint aisle. So they started a conversation and introductions were made. Nancy was a very friendly person and it was quickly decided that Earl would bring her a Walking Stick once he finished one. He said maybe in two weeks or so. 

So it was today that Earl stopped in at the Hollow Reed Herbal shop on Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg Manitoba. 

Guess who was surprised? Nancy. In life we may say a lot of things we mean but fail to follow up on. This is one of those days where Earl followed up on his promise to a complete stranger he had only met for a brief moment. 

After all who cares right? You meet someone new and may never meet them again. So we can almost say anything. 

The shop and the people of the Hollow Reed are very sincere and kind people. We sat had some tea and visited for a while. Nancy's husband Chad came and visited for a while he even gave us some Namepin (wild ginger) that is used as Heart Medicine. The shop was busy with people coming and going.  It was a pleasant and friendly visit with some good people. Nancy and Chad have some medicines which are available for Traditional Indian use. Which is cool. Not everyone has the opportunity to venture out in the bush or knows how to get some medicine.

We will go back there and check it out sometime in the future.  

If you go there make sure to tell them we sent you. 

Nancy Hall nancy@hollowreedholistic.ca
(204) 786-0820
Nancy Hall III is the co founder of Hollow Reed Holistic and creator of three Winds aromatherapy. Her passion and talent for the safe, and effective use of essential oils is earning her a solid reputation, both locally and afar. She has studied under internationally respected aromatherapist micheal scholles, via the California school of aromatic studies, and has committed herself to integrating the teachings of both Kurt schnaubelt and Dr. light miller, author of ayurveda and aromatherapy. she has been interviewed by CBC and has been invited by local universities, schools and government to speak to the increasing public interest in the natural health, home and beauty product industry. nancy clearly integrates her art and her concern for nature with a sincere intention to help others find a renewed sense of peace, joy and well-being.

Chad  chad@hollowreedholistic.ca
(204) 786-0820
Master Herbalist, Holistic Therapist
Chad Cornell has been passionately studying and practicing natural healing methods for the past 15 years.  He holds a great respect for the teachings he has received from healers of Peru, North America, and Asia. He is currently employing timeless holistic methods of healing in a modern urban context.

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