Monday, April 27, 2020

Forget About It, It Was Long Time Ago

"Lighten up people" is what a coffee shop owner said to people who are upset with his use of Nazi meme. He used the meme to compare the COVID-19 restrictions on social distancing. The owner was upset people were defying the social distance practice and call. His post had a picture of Hitler with the caption: "To those turning in your neighbours and businesses, you did the Reich thing." People were upset on how the Nazi regime is now used to compared in today's environment. The coffee shop owner felt everyone was over reacting so he said to "lighten up." I am sure the Jewish population said "Okay, we will lighten up." Actually everyone should be offended by his glib attitude to a horror.  He does not understand the negative response by the public over his Facebook post.

If an event has no bearing or effect on us, we tend to down play it, even ignore it. We may never have experienced the horror, the terror of Nazi Germany, Ethnic Cleansing, Rwanda Genocide, Slavery, Displacement, North American Native Genocide and persecution and so we can be forgiven if it's not in our minds. The problem is not with our ignorance of the events, but of our attitude towards those who have experienced the events. If I am not aware of some horror I should at least defer to those who know. We are willing to do that. We are quick to say "long time ago, forget about it." The responses may vary but the message is the same, "it means nothing to me." Now this is a sad way to live. Where is the empathy, the understanding? How would we feel if something terrible happened to us and the public didn't care?

White Supremacist John Wayne
There are a lot of things I have no clue about but the least I can do is not dismiss the feelings of others. I can't imagine the horror of my Grandparents being thrown in masses ovens. I can't imagine the terror of being chained inside of a boat and taken to a different world only to be tortured into submission. To be chained to an anchor weight and heft off the boat in the ocean. I have not experienced those horrors. Still I won't diminish the anguish over those events felt by some just because I don't care. We should care. The "forget about it" dismissal over a tragic event is selfish, no other way to describe it.

In Canada and the United States the Indigenous people went through ugly times. The general public doesn't care. They are only aware of the John Wayne portrayal of the Indian Wars, the Hollywood experience. The heroic cowboy dishing out all sorts of Western Justice on those raping-white-women savages. But hey, it was long time ago so lighten up. It's not like John Wayne killed any real Indians, did he? It's true John Wayne was never a cowboy hero, he was just an actor. So there would be no reason to name an airport complete with bigger than life bronze statue of him in the airport, would there? It's not like John Wayne said anything bad or racist. And even if he did, forget about it and lighten up, he's dead and gone anyway. "I believe in white supremacy" "I don't feel guilty about the fact 5 or 10 generations ago these people were Slaves."  Forget about it people, it's not like in the statue he is standing on an Indian or hanging a Slave.  Side story I told a cousin of mine that I went to L.A. and there is a John Wayne airport. "There is a big bronze of the Duke complete with him in a cowboy hat, six gun in his hand and his cowboy on the head of a dead Indian laying on the ground." My cousin, "Really?"  I says "Yeah, he is a big hero in the U.S. for killing all those Indians." My cousin, "Holy, that guy was mean wasn't he?" (Imagine Thomas Builds-a-Fire voice)

I think John Wayne and a huge portion of the white population in North America have this way of thinking: "It was long time ago, forget about it." In reality many things have not been long ago and actually are happening right now. Black People, Native People, Women, Gay People are being hurt, are being harassed and are being killed.  The examples are too numerous to list. So no, we should not be forgetting anything. We should be not lowering our voices about the atrocities which are taking place. We should be shouting, marching, writing letters, boycotting, and burning things. Kindness, generosity, patience, reasoning is not working. The ugly, specifically the racist public is deaf to the soft voice, the reasonable and the conciliatory approach. They, the ugly ones shut out every voice which is not in agreement with their own way of seeing things. The ugly times are here. We must do what we can to ensure it stops. One of the ways is to make sure it is not denied, the ugly is in fact now, not long time ago and no we can't forget. 

Friday, April 24, 2020

I Don't Own You

I was telling my wife to make sure to use Bleach (as a kid didn't know it was bleach just called it Javex) on my socks and underwear. She said "I won't since you're doing the fucking washing." This was a few years ago. Since then I stopped buying white socks and underwear. Actually laundry duty is not assigned to either one of us, we just do it when the pile is blocking the basement stairs. If the laundry can't be moved out of the way of the stairs well someone has to do it, right? I mean at my age tripping over socks or slipping on semi-damp underwear can be tragic; broken hip, broken arm, an eye pops out.  Truth the wife does the majority of laundry as I just wear same underwear for longer periods of time, but I do the dishes and sweep the floors. The laundry and coloured underwear remind me of when I was such an ignorant insecure selfish man, a jerk. You know one of those guys who thinks they are the boss and use anger hostility jealousy to try control the home. The type of guy who left his underwear on the bathroom floor and wonder what his Dad's underwear is doing there? Well let me tell, I wish I would have listened long ago to a smart strong woman, Mom. It was those damn television shows I blame. Moms always in the kitchen cooking and letting Madge soak their hands in dish soap. This is a distorted version of how a home works, isn't it?

The reason we are talking about dirty laundry (literally and figuratively) is the lock down of the world. Seems there is a rise in domestic abuse. I guess insecure jerks are beating the life out of children and wives. At this point some guy sticks out his chest and huffs, "what the shit, men get beaten too." Yeah, just take a seat Todd and let's deal with majority here okay? The world is taking a big dirty dump and folks are bat shit eating crazy over it. White men and white women are mad they can not go to the hair salon. White men just like an excuse to carry military assault rifles to a public gathering. People are wanting to sacrifice the old, the poor as long as it is not them. People are capable of singing My Baby Loves Loving while the drone strikes on a Muslim country full of kids; there is no crazy pill we will not take. So while the World puts human beings on a time out, some jerks are not willing to Netflix and Chill  (Yo, she wanna Netflix and chill but i wanna get rich and bill). The humans are waving guns, spreading germs and beating women. Old God is Great, the Bible  mentality and thinking of Women as the pack-horse-mule has never disappeared. Men continue to behave and act like Women are property.  This is arse-crunch ugly because these same people are using the argument "liberty, freedom", or in other words "you don't own me." Men (lot of white gun tootin' beer bellied scraggly bearded assholes) are puffing out their chests, stuffing socks in their groins and whining about not going to be able to golf all the while expecting their shit pee stained white underwear to be washed wth bleach (Not me, fuck those white underwear stains, I only wear blue, black or grey underwear). Who do they expect to scrape off the crunch stains?

Do the Laundry I said. 
Why is it we think we own someone? Why are we constantly wanting to lock them down and control them? Could it be we are so cock-munching stupid we can't see how it is part of our sick society? The stool stained underwear is a reflection of our society; dirty raunchy crunchy vile stench and we still think it is fine. We sing along to popular tunes  and ignore our world of shit stained damp underwear and unbleached laundry.

"If you love someone enough you will follow where ever they go. That's how I got to Memphis."  Because you think you own her. Our society is filled with subtle reminders that we think we own her - them. Don't believe me? Listen to Kentucky Rain song by Elvis Hips Don't Lie Presley. In the song story, she runs away but he stalks her. Like many norms in society, we are keenly unaware of how we see things. The Cold Kentucky rain is a beautiful love song and the poor guy is going to get his girl back. Never-mind she is running away from broken teeth, cracked ribs and a house full of shitty shorts. We normalize the ugly and the ugly is we think we own everything (everyone).

So turn around look at the white arse and know this, he don't own shit.

Oh back to my wife. She is not mine even though I say my wife. I tried that, being an owner, worse damn thing I could have done in my life. Now I hope to know better. Oh and my wife never uses the F-word, I kind of embellished that one at the beginning of the story. She says "Oh shit" but never the F-word. 

Crazy Chester followed me and he caught me in the fog
He said, I will fix your rack, if you'll take Jack, my dog
I said, wait a minute, Chester, you know I'm a peaceful man
He said, that's okay, boy, won't you feed him when you can

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Will The Jackals Feast? COVID-19

The Coronavirus aka COVID-19 has slowed down all sorts of production and travel. The result is the Earth has a chance to breathe. Universities and other Health Agencies are monitoring the air quality and how it has been improving. I believe we should not be surprised when we slow down on fuels the air somehow gets cleaner. It doesn't really matter do does it? Our governments, the Ultra-rich and the large corporations will not change their behaviour. We can expect not much to change after the waters calm. I think things should be different. We should look at the world in a different way. 

We are currently seeing how ugly greed is. The hoarding of vital medical supplies by greedy opportunity jackals. The Rich of the world, the Bezos, the Waltons, Larry Page, Levinson and the rest of those Hyenas are not good for the World. The cheap labour, the medical workers, the cleaners, the service sector are keeping the economic world moving. Hopefully the world sees how wrong the current system is and we can not keep supporting it. Come with me if you want to live.   People will not accept a zero sum solution. The resistant to change is great especially when it comes to upsetting the money flow. Sadly compromise is a killer to real change.  I say I will save you and we can start here:

1. Travel Stops. Have two free commercial free days the world over. No aircraft travel, no cruise ship, no tankers, no highway truck travel. Maybe even have one no motor travel at all. How it would start saving the world. 
2. No more billionaires. If your company or individual is a billionaire, each country would take hold of their assets and distribute through infrastructure and society well being. Billionaires can survive on 900 million. 
3. Guaranteed wealth sharing. The production of goods can not go on without having brakes. How many new cars does the world need? What happens to all those vehicles not being purchased? There could be one year production of cars, followed by one year shut down. The working groups affected can be subsidized for a year like employment insurance or guaranteed income. This ensures they can have no super disruption in their lives. Unrestricted production is killing the Earth. All sectors of production could be examined.
4. Culling people. Let's face it, humans are the biggest threat to humanity. I don't think this will get traction because the rich always look after themselves first. The poor and the marginalized will be the first to be culled. So take culling off the table. 

My saving the World is limited to just three things right now. When I am made supreme being of all things human, more items will be listed. For now we will see how the world accepts this change.
Eat From the Arsehole to the Stomach: Jackals 

You will see things have to change or the Jackals will come in and dig through the dead carcasses and eat from the arsehole to the stomach. With a crisis the vultures, the carnivores come out and feast. Look at Katrina, the land developers taking land all the while aided by the law makers. Shady companies getting all sorts of government contracts, without delivering what was expected. Puerto Rico suffered from a Hurricane which devastated the whole country. The governments fed the Jackals of private companies and friends of law makers with contracts. The Jackals took and took without any compassion or care for the country and the people. Today we are seeing law makers feeding the Jackals. Canada gives Amazon a private company the contract to distribute medical supplies even though Canada has a public corporation specializing in distribution of goods/mail. Other countries are in similar situations, with Jackals cashing in and just positioning themselves to feast in the very near future. This can not continue for the sake of the world. 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Plans For After You Die From COVID 19

Wonder what the future will hold for us. Today is the First of April 2020. The World is dealing with a pandemic and people are scared. At least we are seeing the fear being played out in the main stream news. I haven't really heard too much about the African Continent. We have seen the reports regarding Iran, Spain, Italy, the U.S. and now Russia. Schools have closed and for some bizarre reason, people are hoarding toilet paper. Me I am trying to get a hold of .22 rifle just in case things go all bat eating weird or worse yet, baby cooking crazy. I do not hold a valid PAL (license for purchasing fire arm) so my purchase for a .22 will be difficult and with the stay at home mandate, it is unlikely I will be able to get one. So this means my family and I are at the mercy of bandits. Masked and unmasked bandits will be able to pillage our home.

One of the things we are seeing is the lowly wage earner has become Batman; superhero but without the cash. The front lines of the crisis are being "manned" by the nurse, the janitor, the warehouse worker and the customer service person. Many of this workers are Women. They are literally risking the lives of their family just to make sure you have enough arse wipe. While they are showing the world how selfless they are, we have the rich government official looking at ways to profit. Governments are taking this pandemic as an opportunity to give money to their rich buddies. At the same time Amanda is busy cleaning the shelves, the door handles and every inch of the local Wally-mart. Aarushi is doing triage at the emergency room with hardly any chance to rest. We are seeing the best in a select group of people.

We are also seeing the ugly even in the early stages of this uncertain pandemic. People are bringing out the hate. We just saw a young man stab a family Asians as they were buying groceries. Along with the parents the young man stabbed a 2 year old boy in the face, a two year old in the damn face.  Not very sportsman like wouldn't you think? There have been numerous attacks on Asian Women. This really bothers me, I happen to like Asian Women, I like all Women actually. I may not have the Asian Fetish, but I do watch a lot of Asian shows on Netflix with a preference for Korean shows. Even the men are quite good looking.  The President of the United States and his arse licking followers (those syphilitic parasitics)  just plain evil. There is no other explanation for how they behave. The media tried to paint the Prez as suffering from sickness but really the guy is just an ugly human being. The ugliness of people has been on full display now for a number of years. The pandemic is just another chance for the ugly hate filled to come out of their caves.

There is a possibility many of us are not going to survive the pandemic (may have 2.2 million deaths US), if the forecasters are right. So it might be time to consider plans should you die a horrible death, not being able to breathe.  But let's not talk about that, okay? Lets us remain positive and hope it is a quick and honourable death, like that of a Samurai. Not their Seppuku death (that is horrible) but the kind where the Samurai lops off your head clean and quick with the Katana. Now that would be a cool death (if dying could be cool because it is not. I have seen death and it's ugly). So we should be speaking with our loved ones.

The cost of death can be prohibitive. It can be too expensive to die. The costs associated with death can range from $7,000 to $12,000 on average. This is not even those extravagant funerals, with a live Band and all the steak and lobster dishes. This is industry average for a standard casket viewing funeral according to Google.  I don't want to be a burden with my death. I mean after all the remains are just rotting corpse and I am not in there anyway.  I guess going for the most inexpensive means is our best bet, go cheap or go home. I think we cannot just bury bodies anywhere these days, so cremation is the alternative. Although I hear there is the natural burial or the Green burial thing. If that is an option than going that way is good. If my family wants to go that way it is good, but its a cost thing again so maybe cremation will be the cheapest way for us. And what to do with the ashes of my burnt up body. There is this creepy urn which is 3-D printed to look like a head. You can have your ashes in a head that looks like you. Not sure if my wife would like that? I don't want expensive urn, just something like a wooden box. And no service. I am not a Church person these days. I don't want a funeral at all. Maybe family can have a meal and set a dish for me. We do that for our Mom Dad and our boy on their birthdays, their death day and sometimes at holidays. Play a song for me once in a while, enjoy a cup of tea, Earl Grey hot. And remember my love for you all.

So don't be scared to talk about it. I know we were told that talking about death invites it. I don't invite it, but I want my family to be aware as we are not guaranteed long life in any circumstance.

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