Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why Does the Ugly Rule?

One of  the constant Teachings heard around Indian circles is that of Kindness. The emphasis is on treating everyone with understanding. Indians are really kind people. It is a good thing to be kind. Being kind and being reasonable are admirable traits and should be the default of everyone.

Being kind in this world is a barrier. It hurts us by being nice. It is the mean, the ugly, the beasts that are ruling the world. We see it everyday. Everyday the reasonable are being killed, displaced, evicted, cheated, ignored and ruined.  All over the world there are abuses being committed on various peoples: West Bank, Rakhine, Kinder Morgan, Amazon Rainforest, Ukraine/Russia, Canada and the US.

There is  a World Report 2017 which provides us with a glimpse of the ugly in the world.

Why is it we see generosity and kindness after a crisis? 

People should all share the planet. Instead we are concerned with acquisition. The world is interested in getting more and more. The reasonable and the kind seem satisfied with the world but not all. The ugly rules all over us. 

We have to really look hard to see the joy in the world, the joy in our lives. If there is no joy, what is there? 

Society preys on the different, on people not like them. We divide and divide and we fight and we fight. We hurt and hurt others. Will there ever be a time when the need to be ugly is not there?    

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