Friday, February 13, 2015

Driving Your Car To Heaven Or Are You Walking?

Hey, are you driving your car to Heaven?  

I think you are.  I think you are on that highway just cruising, listening to tunes, with the window open, the sun shinning, you with your Ray Bans, a cigarette in your mouth, a babe or hunk beside you, and the road is smooth like glass, your gas tank is full. 

But you don't want to go to heaven? You don't believe in Heaven. Then why are you headed that way?  You are an Athiest? Don't believe in Heaven? Well where in the heck are you driving too? Oh, I see you are a Tradionalist and you think Heaven is a white thing?  Okay, I get that. Still you are on that highway now, aren't you? A Muslim?  Holy Heck and your driving straight to Heaven. Sheesh. Lot of people on the Road to Heaven.  All in differen cars too?  I see some of them are walking, biking and jogging to get to Heaven. 

 "... Lord my body has been a good friend, but I won't need it when I reach the end..." 

It doesn't matter what you drive or where you think you are going, you are all on the same road. Sure some of you drive first class and some have to push a cart with no wheels, but you are going to the same place. 
That place whether you call it Heaven, or the grave, is where we are all going. Just that we are in different vehicles and different roads, but make no mistake you and I are going to get there. That place where we all are going or where want to end up is called the "Good Life". 

We all want it and use different fuel to get there. Some use the Christian Bible as fuel. With all that goes with it. Some use the Sundance or the Sweat Lodge or the Sacred Mountains or some people just believe in the social customs. That is their car.  They use the norms as fuel to get to where they are going. They don't call it Heaven, they call it Retirement and Legacy. 

In any case, drive safe, walk sure and keep your eye on the highway,  Lot of crashes out there. Just look at the Jails, now that is hitting the ditch and doing a 180 on the highway to Heaven.

I like to think we are all going to the same place with our own vehicle. But you know how it is, Some people just don't know how to drive.

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