Monday, July 14, 2014

Can we get some oral pleasure?

Taking my grandson to pre-school was a treat for me this year.  He is so happy and excited to go. Along the way you meet other parents and grandparents also taking their "joys" to the school. This one particular grandmother always caught my eye. The reason she did was because of her "look".  It was't what you expect of a grandmother. This one had the surly "snake eye" look to her and a wicked scowl of a frown. No one could possibly draw pleasure from her, I would think.

I was watching television and a movie trailer came on, in one of the scenes was Kiera Knightly. Now there is a smile that provides you with a pleasureable feeling. If you haven't seen the movie "Love Actually" run out right now and rent it. You will see Kiera Knightly in all her glorious heart melting persona.

Isn't that the way?  A frown or scowl (if they are indeed two separate things) can take away from a feeling of pleasure. Don't you think?

Oral pleasure is a planet thing. It transcends the boundaries of geography and physical limitations. What we see as beauty or ugliness can be transformed simply by a smile. Wild isn't it?  No amount of preconceived bias or prejudice can disrupt the beauty of oral pleasure.

You will of course happen to come upon those that desist and are not open to oral pleasure. Pay them no mind. Just keep on with the pursuit of oral pleasure; the smile. I have a neighbour that is like the grandmother I mentioned, (the one with the scowl) he never smiles or acknowledges the gestures of a head nod or a smile. Oh well, that is the way it goes. All sorts of people inhabit this planet we call Earth. Some like the smile and some, well they are not the pleasureable ones. So don't be shy and give ahead  nod and top it off with a smile when you meet new people and old acquaintances.

So continue to seek out oral pleasure and don't forget to provide it to others yourself.

I think this world would be a nicer place if we could all get some oral pleasure.

Oh yeah, there are ways to get oral pleasure. Of course there is the laugh, the joke, the compliment, the whistle and of course the song.

The song brings so much pleasure. No one can aruge with that. 

Cherokee Fiddle, cause Good Whiskey Never Let Him Lose His Place

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