Monday, November 28, 2011

Sabrina is hitchhiking,

I had the good fortune of picking up a hitch-hiker today. She is Sabrina. She and her dog Ally are going back home to Quebec. A young girl with a very friendly and trusting personality. I was only able to give her a short ride from the west end of the city to the east end of Winnipeg. I dropped her off on the East bound Trans-Canada highway.

She is fortunate that the weather is not as cold as it usually is for this part of the country. I understand that by Thursday the weather will change and become it normal cold. By that time she should be in Ontario and closer to Quebec.

It was a good feeling for me to give this young girl a ride. Even if it was short. It made me feel good, kind of proud of myself. I know that is selfish to feel good about doing nothing really. But that's it, isn't it? We need to feel good about ourselves even if we don't really do extraordinary things. It should be normal to do a kind deed of some sort, no matter how small.

She was very nice and shared some of her experiences with me. She is quite a traveler. Been to South America, Mexico and the West Coast of Canada. I worry about the safety of trips like, backpacking. I guess there is a large number of young people that do that. Travel around, work here and there, make friends and see the world. I wish in my youth I could have been adventurous like that. Never occurred to me in my wildest dreams. But now I wish for my daughter to be able to travel. Maybe not by herself but with a group.

So to all the Sabrina's out there. Have a great adventure, make friends, and most of all be safe.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RCMP: sick and distasteful harassment towards fellow Woman officer

 I just had to share this story. In Canada a pig Farmer had been killing women for years and the police failed to act on it. Numerous tips about the pig farmer were ignored by the police in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. After his arrest and conviction it became apparent that the police did not act in the best interest of the citizens of BC. Now an inquiry into what happened is taking place. That inquiry has been stacked against the citizens of BC (Women) and many believe that the truth of what took place will not be found. Their fellow office, Galliford is speaking out on the conduct of the police. It will be interesting to see how she will be portrayed by the police media.

Female RCMP officer says male colleagues told her they fantasized serial killer Pickton would gut her like a pig

(Cpl. Cahterine Galliford.Photo by Renegage98 Flickr)

APTN National News
VANCOUVER–The female RCMP corporal who announced the arrest of Robert Pickton says fellow male officers told her they fantasized that the serial killer would break out of prison, track her down, strip her naked, hang her from a meat hook and gut her like a pig.

RCMP Cpl. Catherine Galliford, the former face of the Missing Women’s Task force, said RCMP officers also made jokes about sex toys and gave each other fist pumps after details began to emerge about what happened to the women Pickton butchered.

Police found a gun with a dildo strapped to the barrel in Pickton’s trailer.

Galliford, in an interview with the Vancouver Province newspaper, said RCMP and Vancouver officers watched porn and left work early to “go drinking and partying” instead of investigating the disappearance of women in the Downtown Eastside.

Galliford, who has been on sick leave for four years, told the Province she would be testifying on behalf of victims in January at the Pickton inquiry which was tasked with finding out why it took so long for police to catch the serial killer.

Galliford said she faced years of harassment from male officers and superiors on the force.

Her allegations are contained in a 115 page statement submitted to the RCMP.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Aboriginal Veterans Day November 8

zhiimaaganishii-giizhigad - pronounced zhee-maa-guh-ni-shee gee-zhee-gud and meaning Veterans Day.

Veterans held a Ceremony of Honour at Deer Lodge in Winnipeg, November 8, 2011.

In attendance was Tommy Prince Jr. The son of the Great Warrior Tommy Prince.

Shane Patterson a Dakota Traditionalist was also in attendance to talk about the Warrior Society and the meaning of "Deed and Merit".
He said to always to think of those Veterans and to "blow your Whistles".

Melvin Swan is a warrior, an Ogichidaa. He was on hand to speak about the Aboriginal Veterans, such as George Mann, Leon Fontaine, Ray Rogers, Tommy Eagle, Lawrence Morrisseau, who have passed on. He told the people that today it is not easy to know who we are. The youth do not speak the language, and our greatest battle lay within our selves. He wants us to thank those Veterans for their gifts, their commitment, their scars. Remember those who sacrificed and to keep on celebrating life.  Remember a "warrior wears many hats to serve the people".

Dr. Solange Lavack spoke of the way of the Warrior and the difficulties facing them. Never minimize the experience of those that have come back. Some "people are broken".  "You don't get to integrity without falling".  Just ask how can I help.

The most inspiring quote came from an old Veteran in the crowd. He said "Thank God for Tommy Prince. Tommy Prince told me 'keep your head down and listen, and you will go home'. I am home" said Murry Trench, a Veteran.

Melvin Swan & Murry Trench

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Try a Little Kindness...

Kindness is sometimes viewed as being weak. You know like an old country song, you know, like the coward of the county by Kenny Rogers. Kindness is the hardest thing you can do or be. It is easy to be mean.

The being kind is bothering me quite a bit lately. I made a pledge to help people a number years back. And with the death of my Son, I know that I was leading a life that caused problems. I want to sincerely be nice to people. That is the trouble I am having, trying to think kind. I remember when I was told about Kindness and how it is one strand on the Sweetgrass braid. (I don't know the other strands) And I try to remember about being kind.

My 29 year old daughter is being harassed by some people in the Reserve. Over a guy yet. (Ever sick! :0, a Reserve colloquialism) She has been on the receiving end of harassment and even physical attacks for some time now. And the attacks are coming from both young and older people. She was telling me about the events for some time now. I just told her to ignore them and let it go. Lately it is getting out of control. So I went on spoke to one woman about it. I asked to her to stop. Just like that, no anger involved but concern. I thought it went well. I thought wrong. My girl was attacked by the sister of the lady I spoke with. Thing is I know these women well and am related. The lady who attacked my daughter said I was threatening to shoot her and was going to get her uncle to shoot me. I called my cousin, the Uncle to talk with him to explain myself. He was angry at his nieces and knows me well. So I was tempted to go to the Reserve and speak with the women and the "guy" who started all this trouble. The other thing is why am I getting involved with my adult daughter's problems? I guess that is my being over protective Dad.

I went instead to visit with one of my Teachers. She is great. She told me it is easy to go and "settle things like Fort Alex" (a teasing saying about how things are done in the Reserve, i.e. fight it out :-D ) She told me it is easy to be kind to people you like. "Try being kind to someone you don't like". Being kind to others is the real challenge. She said all you can do is try to be kind to them; give them gifts and if that is not possible say nice things about them if you can. And don't use kindness as a weapon. Like the saying "kill them with kindness". In this manner you are not being kind, you are trying to get at someone using fake kindness. I don't want to be fake. I really want to be kind. It's really hard at times I just want to go out there and put some hurt on people. You know use money to get some "assistance" from old acquaintances or get some of my kids old friends (the ones that are living hard lives now), or just get some pipe, or get armed and go shoot some legs or stab some legs. Ho wa, now that is a sick way to think :-0. My wife always gives me heck, "who in the hell thinks like that". I am not sure I guess lots of people?

So I am going to think about the situation and in the end try to be sincerely kind.
Reserve life is so funny but not really. I guess living in all that social dysfunction over the years does have a compiling negative affect. Hard to be happy in that environment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Death Clock.

I went to a funeral parlor the other day. Does anyone still use the word parlor?
It is a sad fact that one hundred percent of us die. That is the truth and no matter how honest you are, that can not be changed.

It is a difficult thing to think about, death. Making arrangements at the time of death is even more difficult. I know that when someone dies, especially those that we love dearly, we want to send them off with as much as we can. That usually means getting the expensive casket. The big array of flowers. The great suit and expensive jewellery. I guess that must have always been the way. People buried with all sorts of treasures.

For me I want nothing but the funeral is a much for the living as it is for the deceased. So I guess some type of service and casket is in order. My Dad is dead set against a casket. He wants to be in blankets and wants to be cremated. If he could have his way, no service. So he has said a one day service. Sounds strange to hear my Dad talk about his wishes at death. But I guess he is being practical.

I spoke to a friend of mine, whose Dad had passed. It was a difficult time to make all the arrangements. Decisions are quick, you don't get a chance to think about the funeral or the wishes of the parent. It is a hard thing.

The other hard thing is that are we inviting death if we talk about it? Do we plan for a service ahead of time and by doing that do we speed up the process?
I hope not, but you never really can know about such things.

So I called Purple Shields (insurance company) to ask about my Dad's policy. They asked me if he had died, I said "no, he's just old".  Anyway, my wife didn't think it was that funny. My brother laughed.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jesus is killing Indians.

Jesus is Killing Indians. Holy Heck!!! What and awful thing to say! It's blasphemy. I don't believe it is a bad thing to say that Jesus is killing Indians, because it is true. Yes, it is. Before you get all holy roller on me, and sentence me to Hell, let me state the evidence and my reasons.

There are over two billion practicing Christians in the world today and about one and a half billion Muslims. In North America there are approximately five and half million Native people. Not sure of what amount of the four million American Indians, and the one and half million Indians (including Metis) are practicing Indian Spirituality (i.e. Indian Religion, also known as Traditionalists). It is the aim of Jesus to convert people. Christianity has been very successful. We don't know how many Indian people still believe in their OWN way. They have been effectively killed of their own beliefs. Is this a bad thing? Jesus would say no, as according to him, He is "the only way". Christians believe this is their truth and therefore they can get away with anything as long is it in the name of Jesus; conversion, battle, governing, and betrayal.

Christianity is no stranger to killing. From the conversion of the Saxons to the First Crusades against the Turks. In our days [God] has fought through Christian men in Asia against the Turks and in Europe against the Moors.[29] So the evidence and history has been for Jesus, Christians to go to war. Much of wars, pre-industrial age, were savage and bloody. Even though Jesus is not wielding the swords of war himself, his minions are still carrying on the battle in his name. In society today, you can still find Jesus dressing up as a battle warrior or having his name used in battle cries and war groups. Examples include: God's Commando Army; Christian Commandos; The Army of God; Commandos for Christ; etc.

Christianity is very adept at rationalizing the conquest of people: Psalm 94:16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

Under various theological and legal doctrines formulated during and after the Crusades, non-Christians were considered enemies of the Catholic faith and, as such, less than human. Accordingly, in the bull of 1452, Pope Nicholas directed King Alfonso to "capture, vanquish, and subdue the saracens, pagans, and other enemies of Christ," to "put them into perpetual slavery," and "to take all their possessions and property." [Davenport: 20-26]

Jesus even has a "law" that allows him to claim land where Indigenous people are living. It is called the: Doctrine of Discovery This law has been used to rationalize the brutal slaying of whole cultures in the name of Jesus. Good stuff that Doctrine, if you want to wash your hands of bloody crimes against other people, of the other God's children. A good cleansing of the fact that in the name of Jesus, people are butchered and displaced. History is filled with accounts of the brutality all in the name of Jesus.

It is well known that the Conquistadors employed despicable methods of torture and de-humanize non-Christians throughout the southern seas. On a daily basis the conquistadors would take one of the local Indigenous folk and chop off their hands for all to see. Well that was way back when and people were brutal everywhere. In even more modern times we have seen the Jesus followers act in suspicious, if not really bad behaviour. Take Nazi Germany and the (attempted)extermination of the Jew.

Christianity and the Perpetrators
. Almost all perpetrators arose from Christian culture and some of them were devout Christians. For example the commandant of Auschwitz Hoess was a devout Catholic, Tiso the President of Slovakia was a Catholic priest. In many camps the killing was suspended on Sundays, so that the murderers could attend Church services. At no time were the killers censured by the religious authorities or denied the last rites in time of their execution.

A noted theologian, Prof. Littell stated:
Christianity does not bear a historical responsibility for the Holocaust, but because of the anti-Semitism it fostered, Christianity bears a moral responsibility for the supporting roles or inaction of the Christian population during the Shoah, and for the general indifference and silence of the Christian Churches.
Lots of doom against people that are not Jesus followers. It is quite remarkable the amount of destruction Jesus has and is causing. Strange because isn't He the Salvation? I guess if you are not saved you get killed? Killing seems to the be way of the Christian. If they are not killing you literally, than they will kill your Spirit, your way of life, your belief system, and who you are. It is quite ingenious, and cruel. If you can't have the water, then poison the well.

We know that Jesus is very powerful, no doubt about it. We have Indigenous people all over the world bowing down to his Teachings. I can see the allure to his preachings. It is about the good things, that all of us hope to capture. We even start to use his voice, his language. Hallelujah. Me I don't know but I do like the song by Leonard Cohen (others like the song in the Shrek movie).

Well Jesus is definitely succeeding in his quest to kill all things Indigenous. You have Indian people condemning the non-Christian in their own community. You have Christians running over Sweat Lodges with their trucks. You have Reserves banning the practice of a Sweat Lodge. Our own Reserve has used Jesus to condemn people. A Chief, Ken C., now an Elder, was a very proud Traditionalist. At this election as Chief of our Reserve, some of the Jesus followers started throwing Holy Water on him as he walked into a meeting. Man, that is funny.Many of those Traditionalists that are being attacked will have Sweats Ceremonies honouring Jesus. I know several Elders that will hold a Sweat just for Jesus. The Catholic Priest of Sagkeeng even went Sundance with Deceased Ron Swampy in the Reserve. The Priest and The Sundance Holder were friends. If they can have respect for each other, how come others don't? Are they afraid of someone else's beliefs

In our Reserve someone even took a shit at the base of the Sundance Tree. Can you imagine that! Oh Well (maano - let it be) all in the name of Jesus.
With this act it demonstrates as Indians, we are shitting on ourselves. This is a direct consequence of Christianity.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pathway to Decolonization Gathering July 2012 Winnipeg Manitoba

A Gathering will take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba this July. It will be a gathering to have youth enter into an understanding of the Ogichidaa Teachings. Ogichidaakwe and Ogichidaa will be providing Teachings. Elders will provide guidance and Teachings to those taking part. It is in the early stage of being organized but many Elders, Teachers, and Helpers are committed to take part.

Hello Folks: 


What it will take to make the Gathering happen.

by Ogichidaa Anishinaabe on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 10:21am
First, acknowledge the Creator (God). As always.
Then we have an idea, we take to an Elder for input, guidance and approval.
We need to start engaging people, getting more ideas, dates, places, speakers, helpers, Teachings, themes and organizing strategy. Some prayer and some more thought.

The dull parts: setting dates, securing a place, - done
Getting input and partners, Teachers, Elders, - starting.
Action plan:  where are we right now, where do we want to be, how do we get there?
We are at the starting phase. Meeting with the OgichidaaKwe for their Leadership. Seeking ideas, asking for help.
- need 20 youth or adults to participate at a Ceremony - as Learners - to focus on
- need minimum four fire keepers to keep fire going first night second day and night, third day,
- need minimum two cords of chopped wood for fires.
- need Sweat Lodge carriers - for Lodges - first night, - second evening - third day - tarps as well - forks
- need Oskabawis (helpers) for the grounds, the lodges, and the Elders helpers.
- need Teachers - for variety of Teachings - Women's Roles as Ogichidaakew - Men's roles as Ogichidaa, How to recognize colonial thinking, Where to start journey of decolonization, The Lodges - Sundance-SweatLodge, Teaching Lodge,Threats to our identity- our duty to Creator & the People.
-need to have food for the target group, Elders, helpers, -all others fend for themselves.
- need to have cooks,
- need water.
- need Grandfathers for Lodges - minimum 200 (rocks)
- need helpers for grounds at night - to assist youth - campers.
- need financial assistance for travel for Teachers from far away.
- need billeting homes for out of town guests
- need organizer(s)
- need promotional posters of event
- need people to join and commit to the event
- need people to suggest a youth and make them aware
- need youth to commit to being focus target audience
- need  gifts for the 20 youth that are being giving Teachings

- need more list of what needs to be done

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