Thursday, September 29, 2016

Any Port In the Storm - Addicts Need a Port

To need a safe place, any place will do, even outside under a bridge.

Anyway I have been thinking about addictions and how we have no control over it.  The damage addictions does is immense. Taking lives and destroying lives. Sad way to live.

I have experience on the periphery of addictions, as a treatment administrator and a passenger. I have come to realize what a disconnect there is between those "treating" or working in the field and those living in addictions; the addict and the family/friends of the addict. Can you imagine, if the treatment experts are disconnected, how far removed policy makers are to the issue?  I mean sure they speak with them, the addicts, but can they really relate to the addict and how they live? Or what their families are going through?  Sure they are listening to the war stories and the horror but are only on the outskirts, the outer rim of what is going on. That is just the nature of the beast. We can't live their lives nor would we want to. But it comes down to how can we work with the addict?
We know Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar programs are actually ineffective and research is not favourable on how effective treatment programs are.

I had a friend, a treatment director, who used to say "when you are working for the people you are working for the Creator".  I like that idea. Still if you are working only to feed yourself is it really working for the Creator or are you working to eat? It is disheartening that best intentions seem to be lost when it comes to care of others.

Anyway I think this, Addicts need a port, any port in the storm. If I had spare cash I would offer a house. Just a place to house addicts with no promise of anything except a place to REST for seven days and then your out again. Just enough time to rest nothing more. Just a bed to rest with a locker and lock for their stuff. No entrance requirements. A four bedroom house and that's it. A living room with tv and a fridge with food.  Since I can't afford this, maybe some group of means can do something like this. Opioids have become the drug of choice in today's society. And the drugs are killing the addict. Not only does it physically kill the addict over time, it kills the person's spirit first. Then it attacks the people around the addict. It is not a solitary monster. It feeds and devours all around and it has a wide path. There is some out there who will try to get off the drug with a drug substitute like methadone. Many of the addicts become a memory for the grieving. We can't forget they are the loved ones of someone, right?

But who gives a fuck, right?  They made choices. No one forced the drug into their system. That is the disconnect from society.  If you have the disconnect with whatever made them "chose" drugs, well that's kind of sad. If we have lost the humanity to care, what chance do they have?

A port in the storm.

We all need a port in the storm but they are few and far between. The bureaucratic set up for getting into a treatment program can be a nightmare for some. Its a chore for an addict to live, never mind having to fill out the proper paper work and get the right assessment from doctors or care givers in the community.
Want to get into detox program? There are hoops. Want to get into treatment more hoops of fire to jump through. Its difficult to access a place to rest.

That is all we can offer. A place of rest and some kindness.  They say kindness is the best practice for treatment.

Rest in a safe place.

Or eventually rest in peace.

Monday, September 26, 2016

No Gun, No Respect... Indians

The Assembly of First Nations and all those regional Chiefs organizations are just for show. At least this is what Canada thinks in their back rooms. Many First Nations and their citizens accord the AFN and regional Indigenous with respect. This however doesn't translate into any kind of power in the mainstream society. You know why this is?

Have you seen the movie Grand Canyon? It has Danny Glover and Kevin Klein in it. Anyway at the beginning of the movie Klein's character has broken down in a Black neighbourhood and he has called for a tow truck. Before the truck comes a number of Black youth come up to him. They seem scary to him, Klein. The tow truck arrives and its Glover(Simon) He starts to hook up the car. One of the young men stops him.

 A conversation takes place: 
Simon: I've gotta ask you for a favor. Let me go my way here. This truck's my responsibility, and now that the car's hooked up to it, it's my responsibility too.
Rocstar: Do you think I'm stupid? Just answer that question first.
Simon: Look, I don't know nothing about you; you don't know nothing about me. I don't know if you're stupid, or some kind of genius. All I know is that I need to get out of here, and you got the gun. So I'm asking you, for the second time, let me go my way here.
Rocstar: I'm gonna grant you that favor, and I'm gonna expect you to remember it if we ever meet again. But tell me this, are you asking me as a sign of respect, or are you asking because I've got the gun?
Simon: Man, the world ain't supposed to work like this. I mean, maybe you don't know that yet. I'm supposed to be able to do my job without having to ask you if I can. That dude is supposed to be able to wait with his car without you ripping him off. Everything is supposed to be different than it is.
Rocstar: So what's your answer?
Simon: You ain't got the gun, we ain't having this conversation.
Rocstar: That's what I thought: no gun, no respect. That's why I always got the gun. 

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) as well as the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) are political groups speaking on behalf of First Nations in Canada. At the base of their talks is to try and get better treatment for the First Peoples of Canada. They have been trying to voice concerns towards governments for years now. The thing is the First Nation lobby groups are "leaders" who are just begging. The only thing that happens with all their voicing is the government either gives them some cookies or just gives them the "yeah yeah" treatment. Ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper showed the world how impotent our lobby groups are.  Racist White power broker Stephen Harper just went and slashed the funding for all the First Nation lobby groups across Canada. Guess what the First Nation leaders did? Nothing. Put their heads between their legs and closed their collective mouths.

The thing I ask about these lobby groups is "where is their gun?"  In the movie the message is clear, without consequence for action no one is going to listen to you. The AFN, AMC and all those other regional Chiefs groups are empty chairs - paper tigers - empty suits - placebos.  In other words they are just karaoke machines. No guns.

I mean really what happens when you say no to the First Nation organizations?  Why should anyone even answer to them? Sure  they are voice boxes for the million First Nations in Canada. That should be a good reason to listen to them. But it's not enough. The First Nations need the gun. Without the gun there is no respect.

Canadians have witnessed the First Nation gun. For example a simple game like the"Canada's Got Talent" show was an example of the First Nation gun. This gun was the work of many First Nations and Indigenous folk coming together to support a young trio of jigging dancers. These young Indians won the show. The show was cancelled after that. The thing was the Indians got together and action occurred. Not the results the show wanted but the results the Indians wanted, and they got it.  The Indians had a WIN.  That action is missing when it comes to the First Nation leadership organizations. They just don't have the gun, the respect. They don't have any respect. They were handed their arses by Canada before and it is still true today.

When we are talking about Indians having a gun. We are not being literal. Shit the government of Canada would love another Oka just so they could show off all their new toys and kill some Indians. No we are speaking metaphor... the gun is a metaphor for action.

Right now you can see the Indian gun in action. The strong folks at Standing Rock are showing the world a gun.  They are peaceful protecting the waterways of South Dakota from the big money machine called oil.  The oil company and local authorities have engaged in harsh and violent tactics to test and hurt the Native protectors on site. It has not worked to damage the resolve - the gun of those at the site.

"As currently proposed, the Dakota Access pipeline would move oil out of northwestern North Dakota, through a 30-inch pipe, and along a 1,200-mile path that cuts through both Dakotas, Iowa, and a stretch of Illinois before meeting another pipeline in the town of Patoka. It would carry nearly half a million barrels of domestic sweet crude oil every day, and the project’s builder, Energy Transfer Partners, says it will bring back money. The Texas-based company says the pipeline will create up to 12,000 jobs (the Army Corps of Engineers approved the project and agreed) and generate over $120 million in property and income taxes every year. And they say it’ll be safer than moving the oil by train, the current option. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe tells another story. The tribe, made up of Hunkpapa Lakota and Yanktonai Dakota, lives in the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, which covers parts of North and South Dakota. Members have been protesting the pipeline since April. They’re worried it might leak and contaminate wells along the pipe’s path, threatening their water supply."

Wiebo Ludwig was an oil terror who gained much respect for his battle against oil wells and sour gas. I don't recommend this way of action because if an Indigenous person was to take this route, the government would go hard and heavy on them. Ludwig had the privilege of being the right colour. While his gun was bombing oil rigs that is not the answer for the Indigenous folk at Standing Rock.

The "Gun" for Indigenous folk is unity. You see that in Standing Rock. You see it starting to happen in BC (with signatures of unity against pipelines in their territory).

With the lobby groups, there is a disconnect. The lobby groups have no real connection with the people. So the gun will not be achieved. So no gun... no respect.

They will just continue to be beggars.

Beggars at the back door of the big money. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Where Are The Songs of Protest?

Did you sing along with the protest songs? Some of the songs I heard I didn't even know where protest songs. Like many people I didn't understand or really listen to the words/lyrics. So I looked on line by googling "protest songs" and of course many lists are displayed. There are songs you know are protest songs because the media around the song makes sure you know it is a protest song.

Today I am not sure where the protest song is? There are sure a lot of bad things happening in the world but you don't have Country Joe and the Fish or Barry McGuire belting out songs anymore.  Maybe there are in fact songs out there fighting for social change? Can you share them with us?

I mean if there is a time to have a social change movement its now, don't you think?  People are getting blown up on a daily basis.  For some reason the police in America have decided to wage war on the Black person. Greed is just blossoming everywhere with no regard for any future. Countries are actively engaged in proxy wars while maintaining they are not involved. Passenger Jets can be shot out of the sky and no consequence.  The World is drying up and greed is winning. Too many social ills to mention.

I remember growing up in the 60's and 70's there were active voices. XIT Plight of the Redman was an album that every Indian had to have. There are some good voices out there but their voices are not being heard by the masses.

Rap music didn't really resonate with me but you have to admit some of their words are so powerful.  Maybe that is where most of the voices are?

Ladies and gentlemen I'm about to introduce
A smooth groove that I just produced
so don't dance or prance move your head to the rythem
As we scan this land that we live in this place with racism
C A N A D A Canada I'm watchin the decay everyday
Young minds are beein mentally crushed
and mushed in thanks to men like Rushton
And others who wanna smother the dream
Of a black mind revolutionary regime
We gotta redeem ourselves from the chain
By removing all stains of the chain on the brain
we gotta roll with force
cause the clan on some move in the great white north
We gotta hurdle the system
Cause hate penetrates multi-culturalism
Listen I want an explanation
Why are Mohawk's being kicked out of their reservations
And beein put in misery
Stealin their land to create sporting facilities
The native man of the land is who your killin
And then got the nerve to celebrate Thanksgiving
Claiming every man is equal
I hate to see what yall got planned for my people
I tell my brothers and sisters to read the signs
to open their eyes cause it's time
to get together no time to stall
Cause without togetherness we got nothin at all
Brother (x2)
We got nothing at all 
Nothing at all
Brother my brother
We got nothing at all
Nothing at all
My first album Symphony In Effect went platinum
In Canada that made me the first black one
to ever reach that goal
I even got offered a movie roll
I turned it down I didn't wanna be no star
Portrayin a nigga that dwells behind bars
They wanted me to act like a prisoner
That ain't positive at all thats just givin a
Negative image of black men forget it
LTD what did I tell em I ain't with it
I'd rather work on my sound and stay down
And move and groove with the underground
God gave me the gift to write
I shed light on the on the blind with a rhyme when I recite
A fresh poem, a page or stage or a story or glory
Not derogatory
I never walk the streets with my nose high
Frontin like I'm so fly I never pose high
Why cause I made a little money I'm still viewed as an S L A V E see
It doesn't matter how good you can rap jack
It doesn't matter how much money you stack 
Cause your black without knowledge of self your trapped
and gonna fall
with nothin at all
Brother (x2)
We got nothing at all 
Nothing at all
Brother my brother
We got nothing at all
Nothing at all
Third verse how should I start this
I'll talk about my homie Egerton Marcus
A brother from Toronto who's god damn great
Olympic middleweight champ in 88
He excelled to the second highest level in Korea
bringin home a silver medal
Made the papers for a couple of days and that was it
Huh the media wasn't sayin shit
To keep it short and keep it simple and plain
If Egerton was whit he'd be a household name
With commercials and endorsments like Sauna Sullivan
Livin large and everybody would be lovin him
Well he's my brotha so I give him recognition
I sell allot of records so the kids are gonna listen
To all the boys and girls
Ben Johnson's still the fastest brotha in the world
Don't let the media dictate be pro black
Cause Jimmy Swaggart got his TV show back
Therefore we as a race should support
Black achievement never let society distort
Your mind away from comprehension
Cross cultural pride is what I'm tryin to strengthen
And lengthen, I want you swingin to my melody
Just last year the Miss Canada was ebony
To the blacks, whites, yellow and browns
Maestro Fresh-Wes is down
With everyone but I must say loud
Like trash I'm black and god dammit I'm proud
To be able to reach and teach while i cash checks
Tour all over the world and collect respect
In every area puttin my fans in hysteria
Showin the black man was never inferior
Now everybody's gotta do this

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mishoom, We Don't Do That Anymore.

Mishoom, We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis, Indaashaan. Omaa bi-onabin.” (Grandchild Come and sit down)

Mishoom, (Grandpa) we don’t understand you.

“Noozhis  (GranChild) go out to the frozen river and bring me some cold water”. “Clear the snow off the ice and then chop a hole so you can put a bucket in the water. Lift it up and carry it over here into the house. We will have fresh water to ease our thirst. We will make tea for Kookum (Grandmother).”

But Mishoom, We don’t do that anymore. 

“Noozhis, go out and get the sleigh. Hook up the dogs. We are going to go out to the bush with Kookum and set some rabbit snares”. “You will set the snares where Waboos - rabbit has a path. You will go back tomorrow and get the rabbit that has been snared. You will bring the rabbit home. You will clean the rabbit by tearing of the fur and cutting out the insides. You will chop some fire wood. You will make a nice fire to cook the rabbit. We will have a nice meal, all of us”.

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis, go out and get some fire wood. Chop it up so it can fit in the stove here in the house. Make sure to sharpen the axe.  Use the saw to cut the long logs into smaller logs so you can chop and split them to fit our stove. We can let the fire warm us and comfort Kookum and us”.

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis go out get the snow shoes. We are going to go for a walk out in the bush with Kookum. We will watch the snow falling. We will let the Stars guide us on our path. We will look for the North Star, We can let the good air fill our lungs. We can let the walk strengthen our legs and the air clean our lungs”.

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhiz go and get the traps and snares. We will go with Kookum and set out traps for Beavers and Martins. We will put out bait for them. We will hide the trap with soft snow. We will cut holes in the ice for the snares for Beaver. We will go back the next day and check our traps.  We will take the Martin and the Beaver and will skin them for their fur. We will honour them with their gift of fur. We sell the fur and get some new clothes”.

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis, come here and bring some string. We will sit by the warm stove while it storms cold outside. We will play a game and with our hands. You will learn how to make a cup and saucer with string between your fingers. You will visit with your Mishoom and your Kookum. Kookum will tell you stories. We will laugh.”

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

"Noozhiz go and get those old clothes and rags which Kookum has saved. You will sit with her and make braided rag rugs as she visits with you and tells you stories."

But Mishoom We don't do that anymore.

“Noozhis The Spring has come go out get the fish net. You will tie the corks, the Lead weights and you will put the net in the box. You will lay it out in the river. You will go back in the morning and lift the net out of the water. You will take the fish out of the net. You will bring the fish to be cleaned. You and Kookum will cut off the insides and we will have fish for lunch. We will enjoy the gift of good food from the fish”.

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis Go get the canoe.  We are going to hunt Geese. You will wait quietly for the whole morning. We will put out the decoys made from Tamarac. We will shoot the Geese. We will bring the Geese home and pluck off all their feathers. You will gather the feathers for stuffing in our blankets. Me you and Kookum will make a fire and cook the Geese over the fire. We will catch the grease that comes leaking off the Geese. We will use that Goose oil for our fires. We will be fed by the Geese.”

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis Go get the canoe. We are going to pick Manomin – wild rice. You will cut two sticks to bang the rice. We will paddle into the wild rice and you will trash the rice into the canoe. We will fill the canoe. We will bring the rice home and let it dry. Me you and Kookum will trash it and sift the husks off the rice. We will have good food to eat. Good food for our good health.”

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis  Go get the shovel and the hoe. We are going to plant vegetables in the garden. We will dig and plant potatoes corn carrots onions peas.  We will water the garden. We will dig out the weeds. We will watch our garden grow. Me you and Kookum will have fresh vegetables to eat. We will be happy the Earth has given us good food”.

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis, Go get some baskets and pails we are going to pick berries. We will go walking in the bush all day and pick berries. We will sit and eat some lunch out in the woods. We will bring home all the berries. You will clean them and help Kookum make some jam and put some in bottles to store for winter. The Berries will be good to eat as a treat.”

But Mishoom we don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis Go and get the Shaker and the Drum made from the hides of the animals. We will sing songs. We will sing to the Earth. We will sing for our good life. We will sing to share with our family. We will learn the songs of our Mishoom and our Kookum. We will be happy we have voice to sing. We will dance until our hearts are happy.”

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis, got get our gun. We are going to go hunt for a Deer. We will walk early in the morning before the Sun comes out. We will look for the Deer. We will be quiet. We will walk a long ways in the bush. We will get a Deer. Me You and Kookum will take the insides out of the deer and we will skin it. We will bring it home for a Give-Away. We will share the meat with people.  We have a good Feast with good food. We will give it to the people. We will share and receive good feelings from the Give-Away”.

But Mishoom We don’t do that anymore.

“Noozhis  My Heart is sad. We don’t look at the Stars anymore. We don’t eat fresh food. We don’t walk in the bush and listen to the songs of the bush. We don’t enjoy the life of the good. We lived that way and we lived a good life. Our body enjoyed the good life. We ate foods good for our body. We did things that were good for our body. We don’t visit with our Kookum anymore. We don’t sing for the Earth anymore. We don’t walk anymore We don’t dance anymore. We don’t remember the good life.  We don’t do that anymore, Noozhis.

But Mishoom We can do that again.

Mishoom We can go for a walk with you in the bush. We can look at the Stars. We can look for the North Star. We can breathe in the good air. We can let the walks strengthen our legs. We can let the air grow our lungs. We can enjoy the good songs of the Bush.

Noozhis We can do that.

Mishoom We can plant a garden. We can plant potatoes. We can plant corn. We can plant onions. We can dig the ground. We can plant peas.  We can water the plants. We can dig out the weeds. We can watch our garden grow. We can let the good food grow our body. We can be healthy.

Noozhis We can do that.

Mishoom We can learn. We can take care of our body. We can eat good food. We can make our legs strong with exercise of work and play. We can make our lungs strong and good with the outside air. We can walk in the bush.  We can open our Hearts and ears to the songs of the bush. We can dance to the songs.

Noozhis We can do that.

Mishoom We can Drink the Water. We can give our body good water to refresh us. Good Water to make our body healthy. We can let go of the Pop drinks. We can feel the good life that Water brings to us.  We can make our body healthy.

Noozhis We can do that.

 Mishoom We can sit and hear you speak the Language. We can learn what it means. We can listen. We can sit with Kookum and hear her words. We can sing with you. We can learn the songs. We can play with you. We can visit with you. We can learn from Kookum and from you Mishoom.

Noozhis we can do that. 

Mishoom, We can gather and save things for a Give-Away. We can save some blankets, some food, some clothes, some cook wares. We can get good feelings from our community. We can get good feelings for us from our people. We can share with them.  We can take care of each other.

Noozhis we can do that. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Time For Killing The Whiteman

Time for killing the Whiteman is most likely a thought that has crossed the minds of many people of colour. Disturbing to even voice a thought like this. Yet we have all thought about it one time or another.  As absurd as it sounds to want a certain group killed, we do hear many thoughts like this everyday. In the various media you will hear people wanting Women, the LGBTQ, Blacks, Indians, Muslims and various other groups not considered part of the main stream to be killed or hurt, to locked up, to be locked out, to go home, to suffer, to end.

It is an ugly absurd thing to voice. Yet it is there in many media voices stating things like Kill so and so. I would not want to say it... at least now in my older years. A young me would be voicing all sorts of things against all sorts of folk. I know people of different backgrounds. Some are pretty decent folk and others, well some are arseholes. Still it is  one thing to say you don't like someone but it is another thing to want them killed. People can be so cruel.

There is so much hate going on right now it is unreal.  I guess the hate has always been there. Still it is alarming to see it on display on a daily basis. The United States is front and center with their hate of anyone not White.  The police forces of the US have been killing Blacks and Indians at alarming rates.  Britain showed their hate with the refugee community. The media is showing its hate or its complacency in their actions. Europe is hating on the refugee community, who are being killed in their own lands. There are pockets of hate fueled incidents going on over the world.

There is a big gathering of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in South Dakota. They are trying to stop a wrong. They are voicing their disapproval of an oil pipeline. The pipeline is using the police and private security to assault the protectors (they call themselves protectors of the water while police call them protesters).
Ashley Nicole Welch Sending Dogs on people 
People are upset at the Indigenous for trying to stop the Pipe line. People say it is for jobs. The Indigenous are looking for protection of the future. Lot of voices and lots of different views.

In other areas the Black population is under attack by the Police. While there are some who will say the Black person in each incident deserved what they got, like getting shot by police, others question why? In one instance a White supremacist ran down and killed a young Black man.  Main stream media in its complacency is not reporting a story like this.

The tension between White society and people of colour is rising and it is not localized to one city town or even country.

The United States is involved in an air strike campaign. which is no doubt causing unimaginable destruction and death. The amount of refugees in different parts of the world are causing mainly White populated countries to  strike out. Ethnic communities are also attacking indiscriminately in those mainly White communities. So the time for killing is certainly upon us.

I think it is time. Time for us to really try and have a little understanding. Even practice some kindness. Its a hard call because we are frustrated even a little scared but mostly angry at what is happening.

I get angry when I see a presidential candidate promote hate and is cheered on for the hate. I get angry when the rich faceless corporations do not consider life only profit and greed.

Still I don't want to start thinking of killing the Whiteman or the faceless. I don't want to  call for "Karma" on them either. Still I bet when you are so angry, so frustrated at some of the ugliness in the world you may for a second or a moment want someone to die or be killed.  I admit it. I sometimes think "why in the heck doesn't this person get theirs? They should be hurt and hurt badly. They deserve to die."

Like many I voice to my family my friends and even to strangers about how ugly the hate is.

I wonder how many out there really want someone to be killed? Regardless of background.

* February 9, 2018.  Today a White man who shot and killed an Indian Boy has been found not guilty by a Jury of his peers. It is a day like this when many will think those thoughts. I am one who is angry sad hurt frustrated and at a loss. The outcome was predicable. That's the situation. White people are always given the benefit of doubt while people of color, and other marginalized members of the community will never have that privilege. But does that want me to say time for killing the whiteman? Nope. I may be angry at the majority of the white population but I exclude those white people in my circles; friends and acquaintances because I see them as anomalies rather than the norm. Meaning they are good folks in a sea of loathsome creatures. So I would wish the majority a long and miserable life rather than death. As for the one's in my circle, I wish only Blessing on them and their families.

*June 2018.  Well it is ugly out there. The President and his Goons are stealing children from people, specifically Hispanic people. His spokes-people are in full attack on everyone not agreeing with them. Their Fox Network has long abandoned any pretense of being rationale.
The Presidents wife visited one of the "detention centres" wearing a coat that says I don't care do you?
If ever there was a time when you wished a plague would fall on a certain people this would be it. Do I still say I would not wish them dead? I admit it, I do wish harm to fall on them.
That is what ugly brings.
There is a "man of god, a pastor" who wants god to knock out Sarah Silverman's teeth and kill her.
I guess it must be okay to wish someone dead if a pastor says it?

So if there is a time to start killing the Whiteman, we sure are getting close to it. Sad commentary on the white population isn't it? Sad Commentary on where hate takes us. It tries to bring us to its place.

* It is quite something isn't it? We are approaching critical levels of hate in the world. Israel is stepping up their measures with killing Palestinians. The US is focused on hating the world. Canada is hating the Indian. The Syrians are being killed by everyone. Kurds are still being hunted. So right about now we are asking is it time? Now do we wish death on the Whiteman? I guess somedays when I get so frustrated with the world I look and see lot of this shit is caused by one group of people.

Women - the Doormats of Society

There is this handsome young Whiteman who was sentenced to six months for raping or sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Apparently he was too good to be given a proper jail sentence by the Judge. So Women (and some men) are pissed off. Do we blame them?
The idea his life is worth more than the women he assaulted is really the basis of the sentence. He was caught in the act, no question about whether he did or not. So even if men are caught being pigs and vermin, they get the benefit from the system. Women on the other hand...

Making the US news is the Female Judge that sentenced a Mom to jail. This Mom failed to go to court. The court was for her ex-boyfriend on trial for domestic violence. In other news a female sports commentator was put down on twitter by men for being the first female to be a broadcaster for professional baseball. While a football player is flippant about his abuse on his girl friend. He threw her down on the couch that had a bunch of AK47 rifles on it. Today a young Woman in Winnipeg died after being beaten badly to her upper body. She was 20 years old and it was a young man that beat her to death. She had a protection order against the 20 year old man, who had beaten her before.
You don’t have to look very hard to find that Women are getting beaten, getting raped, getting broken in every way and getting killed. For what?  Because of some man that is afraid he doesn’t measure up?  Because she didn’t answer her phone when he called?  Because he feels guilty because he is having sex with someone else? It doesn’t matter why. It matters that someone is getting hurt. When I was  about 25 I worked alongside a very kind and beautiful woman. She was tall brown and just a good person. I liked her. Nothing inappropriate, she was just nice. Her husband was this very big scary athlete type guy. He told her that the loved her so much that if she ever left, he would slash up her face so no one else would have her. We love our Women so much that we are willing to kill them.
Isn’t that so sick? Women are the best things we have in our lives and yet we treat them like they are  the door mats of society. What? Can we change that? Right now we celebrate our violence towards Women. We sing it in our songs and cheer out loud.  “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand? I’m going to shoot my old lady.”  “Hey Joe I heard you shot your lady down…” “Early one morning while making the rounds, I took a shot a cocaine and I shot my woman down…”.  It doesn’t enter our minds that the songs celebrate or highlight violence towards Women. If you turn the tables on a song?  Violence against a man? You get people shouting that the mountains are collapsing. The Dixie Chicks did a song Goodbye Earl.  I think someone shit the bed when this song came out. Radio stations wouldn’t play a song that talked about violence towards men.  Foaming at the mouth crazy over the song’s lyrics. Oh well? I remember there was even a Christmas song which "kind of encouraged rape," and folks were saying the awareness about the song was cancelling Christmas.  People are funny, but no Jerry Lewis funny, more like Penny-Wise eating a kids arm funny. 
There are so many people willing to speak out and we need it to continue. We need more and more awareness initiatives. The abuse towards Women is deeply entrenched in society. So much so, there are brain twisters which demonstrate Women are not considered in anything: “A boy was brought into a hospital after a terrible car crash. He needed emergency brain surgery. The neurosurgeon took one look at the patient and said “I can’t operate on the boy. He’s my son.” Yet the doctor was not the boy’s father. How could that be?”  It's an old Brain Teaser and by now most are aware of the riddle. The joke is the attitudes, the mind sets have not really changed.  

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