Thursday, December 30, 2021

What Have Learned This Past Year About Gluttony?

 Holy all that is holy, we have rich white men flying into the heavens on their steel seagulls. Billionaires, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Elon Musk have all spent incredible amounts of cash to get them a ride into the Earth's Atmosphere. The funny weirdness of it all is that the space trips are being celebrated. People are cheering the joy rides as the greatest thing since Ex-U.S. President Donald Trump's rise to the thrown. The absurdity of the joy rides seems to be lost on us mere pooget beings (pooget is Ojibwe for farts, implying we are nothing but a fart to those rich arseholes). The rich are enjoying life without regard for their offspring. I guess those rich folk are going to see who has the most toys in the cemetery when they die, not wanting to leave anything for anyone when they die. Unless they know something the rest of the humanity doesn't know? Like can money really buy immortality? In any case the world's human population is really messed up in their priorities, because they support the way things are.  Tornadoes, communities being burned to the ground, floods taking out major access roads, old growth forests being plundered to extinction, rich white woman with plastic arse-cheeks getting divorced, religious armies taking over countries and we get to watch it play out daily. We can even get to hear about when rich white women start their cycles. We still see the same politicians sucking-off the rich, and go speak publicly with cum still on their lips. We hear people say things have to change and will change after the pandemic is over. The politician comes out of the washroom still reeking of being bum-rammed and say we need to foster a business friendly atmosphere; "it's for the jobs, for the investment." Meanwhile these same rich folk are stashing their cash in the hopes to hide it. So much for creating jobs. It is the same old con game going on forever, "our rich need to be kept rich and private interests are our interests." 

We are living in times when the rich are becoming more and more obese with their gluttony over cash amassing.  The person who made the most sense about this situation is a despot, a control-at-all-costs individual. Xi Jinping has said "mutual prosperity"; "in a context of rising global inequality, China's common prosperity proposes a vision towards a more inclusive and equitable economic and social system."  This is a lofty idea, but one where the whole world should embrace. But why is it not a common thought? A friend of mine said, there should be a global law where you are only allowed to amass a fortune of 500 million. After this amount the rest is used for public service and goods. I think along the same way, limit the gluttony.  What is the end goal of accumulation? To have the most and then what? 

With the colonial expansion of Britain, their goal was accumulation. I read where colonizers where confused with the distribution of wealth, with goods by the Native populations. The "Indians" these white folk encountered didn't seem to understand the "Victorian" notion of acquisition. The Indians were always giving away their stuff. Those heathen Indians practiced serving for the public good. Serving the public good is so un-governmental. Governments are no longer pretending the role of serving the public good. Nope the pretending has been tossed, because it is out in the open, get the most for ourselves. The government is the proverbial "prison bitch" of the rich; the means to becoming more and more obese; feeding the gluttony of the rich. It is obscene and the stench is stronger than a full outdoor toilet in the Las Vegas heat. Government reeks of the most active sewers in Texas; burning the nostrils and watering the eyes shut tight. They are the butlers, the serving staff of the rich, that has what a government official has become. They will do everything and anything to keep the rich eating and feeding because they, the public servant will get to eat on the floor of the rich and they, the government officials, can eat the crumbs. Laws and policies governments create are ultimately for the benefit to the system, the rich getting richer. It is unlikely to change. We can write on their walls with shit all we want, there is no incentive for change. 

The answer to what we have learned is lost on the rich, the governments of the world and of course many human beings currently on Earth. It is really disheartening to think about our future, seven generations. Heck it's disheartening to even think about the next five years never mind about a generation from now. To think there was a time when white people, oops, I mean to say, Christians actually sold gluttony and greed as sin. Gluttony, and greed are not seen as a bad thing today. Being a gluttonous mass of putrid flesh is celebrated. We adore the rich, the greed, the selfish, the brazen, the vain, the unapologetically evil. 

Me this is what I learned this past year: 

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