A Quebec teenager who killed herself after being victimized by bullying was laid to rest on Saturday. Marjorie Raymond, 15, hanged herself in her family's garage on Monday. Her mother found her body. In a suicide note, Raymond said she couldn't endure the taunting and teasing from certain classmates in the Gaspé town of Saint-Anne-des-Monts. On Saturday, a funeral service was held in Raymond's hometown of Granby, where her ashes were buried. As family and friends mourned privately, people in Montreal gathered in Maisonneuve Park for an anti-bullying rally organized by a Quebec mother whose daughter was intimidated at school. On Friday, students at Raymond's school organized a day of white dress to honour her memory, and authorities cancelled classes. More than two dozen Facebook pages dedicated to Raymond have appeared in the last few days. Workers at Quebec's Tel-jeunes help line say they have been flooded with calls about incidents since Monday. Raymond's death has intensified public debate following a rash of bullying-related teen deaths across the continent. Her mother, Chantal Larose, is calling for tougher laws to discourage intimidation among teens. The fall suicide of Jamie Hubley, 15, a boy who was a target as the openly gay student at his Ottawa school, touched a nerve, with teens from around North America flooding the Internet with tribute songs, videos and messages in response. His death helped push the Ontario government to introduce new anti-bullying legislation.