Tuesday, June 25, 2019

There's Cool and then There's Indian Cool.

Like many cool events and sayings there is loss in the translation. It is an oral thing. Cool doesn't translate well as a printed word.  It's about the mannerisms and the context of being there.
Still it is worthwhile to try share the groovy of Neechies.

Oh warning, sometimes cool is vulgar, well Indian cool anyways.

Indian: "Eh Boy." 

Indian Women are spectacular. Their mannerisms and their love of life. They put the ice in the cube for sure.

Indian Women flirting: "Mmmmm, look at you. All brown and gravy looking."

Married Indian guy talking about a girlfriend. "I'm not looking for anything serious." Because he's married.

Movie Star quotes -
Thomas Builds-the-Fire: Hey Victor! I'm sorry 'bout your dad.
Victor Joseph: How'd you hear about it?
Thomas Builds-the-Fire: I heard it on the wind. I heard it from the birds. I felt it in the Sunlight. And your Mom was just in here cryin'.

Indian Man flirting: "Your eyes are like Molasses in the sky."

Indian guy who used shelters in Ontario:  "The shelters are good, lots of fucking and sucking and letting the good times roll."

You know Ron Jeremy? Indian guy sitting in kitchen with his male friends and trying to impress them:  To his wife, "Hey! Get me a beer before I give you the Nine."  Wife says "I've had nine before and that's not nine."

Indian guy having wild unconstrained sex with Indian Woman in rear position and he slips into "other entrance":  Woman yells "Kaawiin Imah".  (Not here-there)

Indian (everywhere): Points with Lips.

Indian: "No, I'm only 1/8 white."

Indian (Anishinaabe): "I like that dog me." "I'm Ojibwe me." "I have a girlfriend me."

Indian: "It's a good day to be Indigenous."

Wes Studi (and every Indigenous person): "We have a responsibility to Mother Earth to protect her as much as possible."

I Burned A Church

Last week a tipi at a University of Brandon in Manitoba was set on fire.  It was upsetting for the people associated with putting up the Tipi. The University has a history of hosting the Indigenous community so they were upset as well. The symbolism is not lost, the burning down of Indigenous identity. I remember a little while ago, someone in a Reserve ran over a Sweat Lodge. A Sweat Lodge is a ceremonial place, a place of prayer.  Now this is significant. Seems like the place to attack is at a home of prayer.

Christ Church New Zealand, Kosovo, 16th Street Baptist Church Alabama, Charleston Church, Dar AL-Farooq Islamic Centre Minnesota,  Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre,  Hindu Samaj Temple Hamilton,   are a few examples of places of prayer which were attacked. Throughout history and as recent as last week, places of prayer are being attacked.  A 17 year old White teenager in St Louis broke into a Hindu Temple and vandalized it. The Hindu faithful said "when you go and touch what's sacred to us, that go people shaken up."

Attacking people at prayer is a despicable act.  Attacks are made on the places which are sacred. The Black Church is a target by the White Supremacists. The Mosque is a target for the White Supremacists and Islamic fanatics as well. Hindu Temples are targets for the White Supremacists.  Synagogues are actively being attacked by White Supremacists. Of course White Supremacists are not the only people attacking places considered sacred and home of prayer. People with hate will seek out anyone to hurt.

Lot of attention was given to the attack on the US sacred site, the Twin Towers in New York. The World Trade Center is a symbol of all that is sacred to the United States; Money. So it is not a complete surprise this place of worship was attacked.

The destruction of the sacred is a constant. Doesn't matter who is attacking, they know to hurt someone, you destroy their belief, their sacred.

I burnt a church. Not literally but in my mind and in my heart. The Church was a tool of attack to Indigenous people through-out the world. Colonial empires utilized the aid of the Church to try and kill the Indigenous folk. The tried and true method is to attack their sacred, their homes of prayer and worship. This method is still utilized today. So I will not take part in the Church. I physically let them be, but have no inclination to ever join them. I, however respect their being in our community. There are some good individuals in the Church and we can't paint them with the same ugly.

So I say to all the Indigenous folk out there, burn those Churches.  Not literally of course, but in your mind for a clean spirit.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Horse Standing Side by Side.

Driving on Trans-Canada Highway through Saskatchewan yesterday, I saw two horses standing side by side.  The horses were beautiful, big brown and one had a white face on its brown head. The other horse had a big black tail on its brown bum.

The horses were standing side by side, head to arse.

I was thinking, "hey this is symbolic, I know it is."
Symbolic of what?

I laughed at myself and thought of Donny and Melania, (as Donald called her Melanie) as they are the couple like that, face to arse.

When we think about it, face to arse is very common these days. I mean look at the politics of the world. We could be looking right at a horses arse in the leaderships of the world: Guatemala, Brazil, Doug Ford, Sweden (yes Sweden), Andrew Scheer, Benjamin Netanyahu and many others.

We could also look at some of our neighbours, colleagues, relatives or the police officer who is protecting the Pipelines of Oil.

It is all about actions, attitudes and the relative ease at which they do things with no regard for their surroundings, their community or their fellow human being.

For me I don't want may face right by your arse. Who knows when you cleaned that thing or what is going to come out of it?

The world is dying and it is rapidly dying.  Still people are denying the issue of a dying planet. There are those who actually think our next generation of people will be going to  live on the Moon or Mars. What the fuck is wrong with those people?

There are the ones with their head next to arse. The Earth is beautiful and they would let it die.
With head to arse folk, there is no reasoning with them. They have their face in someone's arse and there is no understanding that.

Head to Arse is what the world is experiencing. The world is filled with folks who are deep in the arse of no good people. Why are we letting them ruin the world for everyone else?

Monday, June 10, 2019

A Curse So Dark On You

Warning: Offensive Content. Bad Medicine.

My cousin pointed out how you can spot the people who use Bad Medicine. For you folks who don't know what Bad Medicine is, it is when a person or persons, uses the gifts out there to do some harm on others.  Of course there are nay sayers, who like to think Bad Medicine doesn't exist. Stupid arses, they must also think evil is the absence of goodness.

Anyways, getting back to the Bad Medicine explanation.  I heard some people will go out and offer some shiny stuff, like nickels, dimes to the bug spirits or some other spirit, like toads. They will send a message and name folks they want to get sick.  Those bug spirits will go searching for those folks. Sometimes they mistake a person and get them sick instead.  My cousin says, the shiny offering is seldom enough for payment by the bug spirits. Instead the bug will go and punish the person who wants to harm others. The bugs do it by targeting someone close to the bad medicine person. Many times it is the kids. The bugs, will wait for the kids to be bigger. They will turn their mouths crooked, make their foreheads get bigger and many times grow the noses. So the kids get ugly.

My cousin says if you see the parents looking normal but their kids are beastly, then you know for sure they are using Bad Medicine. It is the price they pay for their bitterness, jealousy, hatefulness, hatred and ugliness. The Curse is dark on them.

There are of course many other ways to do harm with Bad Medicine. You can unleash the ugly which hides in the deep water or is in the thick bush. The problem with unleashing the ugly, you might actually curse the wrong individual. Some Neechies are pretty smart or pretty paranoid, they take preventive measures. They will make sure when in large Neechie (Indians) gatherings, they will wear protection or put protection in their footwear. Neechies have been known to pickup needles just by walking over someone else's gear, outwear or belongings. The needle gets in their blood stream and gets them sick. You can see the sickness in their skin as it gets discoloured or breaks out. Some people will experience Bell's Palsy; the Crooked Face. The Crooked Face Bad Medicine was a well used on back in the day.  My buddy had a girl friend who had a Crooked Face. The relationship didn't last. I do not think my friend even knew his girl friend had the Crooked Face. He didn't realize it until an older lady in the Reserve asked him, "where's your girlfriend?"  He said, "What girlfriend?"  She said, "You know... the one with the crooked face."

I am cursed as well, having a big personality but light skin. Dark skinned Neechies dislike the light skinned Neechie. My friend since the Residential School in Fort Alexander is cursed with handsome looks, and brown skin.  A girl (younger woman) said to him, "Mmmm you're good looking. All brown and gravy looking."  This will never be the case for me. Instead I get the "creepy old white guy look" from the beautiful Neechie Women.

The good thing is, my curse is on me. I don't use Bad Medicine (except Gossip which is another kind of Bad Medicine) so my Kids and Grandkids are not ugly. The light skin is due to those old French Christians bastards who happened to come through our territory. Our territory was a major trade route. The result, light skinned Neechies in the Reserve. So the light skinned are not attractive but the curse is from coitus and not using the Bug Spirits.

Those of you who are ugly through no fault of your own, blame your parents, they are the ones using Bad Medicine.  Your beauty is the price they paid.

There are many people out there who only practice good medicine. They are quick to praise others. They will go out and volunteer for others. They will say good things about others. They will work at making others feel good. Those folk are everywhere. The Spirits and Ancestors recognize them and gather around them.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Dad, Are You Evil?

Dad??? Are you evil?

Holy heck this made me laugh. My oldest daughter asked me this question as we reminisced over our life.  So how did fun moments of recollection become "are you evil?" Perhaps it was the discussion over my past sins and recent actions.

I answered my daughter with "no I'm not evil." Actually I'm violent or can be violent, or have been violent. Or as I used to disguise the violence by saying "I was volatile." Like being volatile is better than label than being violent of abusive. My girl asked me if I was mad. No I wasn't mad, it was actually quite funny. I know I'm a very good individual; kind generous and thoughtful of others. Still I have a lot of faults and real ugly faults at that.  Does it mean I am no good?  To some perhaps. To me, not really.

I remember going to a film showing and panel discussion. It was held in the Winnipeg Art Gallery. The film was about the Women initiative called "Dragging the Red." The volunteers of Drag the Red are family members of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, men and boys, and by working together on the initiative there’s a community that’s been built around it, which shares anger, hope, and fear, said MacPherson.  The discussion panel was filled with strong women and women who had personal connection to the violence women face. Being who I am (jerk aka paachak) I chimed in with my opinions. I said we men, love our women so much that we beat them, we hurt them, and we kill them. It was a facetious comment. Anyway one of the women on the panel did not like the comment. She objected to the violence again women. She said, men who do this, don't like women, they hate them. I of course tried to explain my comments as asinine and was meant to convey how wrong women are treated. So it was not a good situation from there on. This woman who was next aisle from me thought I should sit down and stop. I was thinking, "hold on here, I'm not a monster, I thought I was on your side." I guess I wasn't. I have a lot to learn with the whole ally thing. I'm not evil, but I am opinionated and stupid. Which is still not evil. I was told to sit down but I didn't agree with the men hate women statement. I think men are stupid, ugly violent, jealous, weak, and yes, some are monsters. 

Growing up I saw violence. I think many of us have. Violence was normal. Not an excuse to keep it going though. My Dad was violent but didn't mean he hated Women, or us. I worked for a friend who I swear was one of the meanest persons I ever met. Thing was he never thought himself as mean, never-mind evil. Even at his meanest out bursts and actions I don't think he is evil, just cruel. I also know this fellow who is loved by many, but he might be evil. I do know he is selfish to a high degree. There are mean people I have known, cruel people and maybe even some evil people. I have known two vey evil individuals. One is now deceased and one currently torments the community. The thing about them is they are evil to some and friends to others. I think evil works that way.

Okay back to my girl asking me if I was evil. The question came about while we were visiting. When we were talking some stories came up as to my actions. A few stories, some a while back and some more recent recounted some of my misdeeds. In one situation, it is alleged I went into a house of Meth users and did some hurting due to violence. She said the story was upsetting because of the violence which took place.  Evil would be taking pleasure in the harming of others with violence, no matter if the outcome turned out to be funny. Is violence the gateway to evil? My girl asked if I was mad she asked if I was evil. Of course not, it was funny. Made me think about who I am.  The violence is part of who I am. It is a big part of the regret which haunts me especially when I am alone with my thoughts. It is a part, the ugly part of me.

I know who I am. I know what is evil. I'm not evil. It is quite a thing, to have your own girl ask if your are evil. It tells me violence can be seen as evil. If I don't want to be seen as evil then I should stop with the violence. I can rationalize violent acts but it still doesn't mean it is right.

I am evil to some that is true. To others I am a jerk, an arsehole, while others know me as kind generous thoughtful and good.

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