Thursday, May 9, 2019

Sandra Bland: The Case of Uppity N*gg*er

There are many videos of people speaking up for themselves when interacting with police authority.
In some cases the police will slow down and take a moment to adjust their behaviour. Sadly this is not a common occurrence. The police officer will become more agitated and become more aggressive in many of the cases. It usually doesn't end well for the individual who is trying to defend themselves. No one is immune to the cop using their power.

Sandra Bland was stopped by a cop who turned out to be unhinged. Unhinged in his own power trip and inability to police himself. Sandra Bland's guilt was, she was a Black Woman who knew the cop was behaving badly. She spoke up for herself. She wasn't aggressive, disrespectful or rude. She just wondered about the validity of the police's stop. It was clear he didn't behave properly. The reason he didn't act professionally. He was being questioned by a Black Woman. Black people are not allowed or not suppose to speak up to authority. Bland did not fit the  submissive "yes-sir ,Black person" which white people expect and desire.  The cop saw one thing and one thing only, an "uppity n*gg*r." This attitude, this point of view of the cop is deeply rooted in the United States psyche. It is ingrained in how they see the Black person:  someone who must obey them; someone who has no right to question them. In the case of Sandra Bland, how dare she talk up for herself to this man in uniform?

The general public is keenly aware to the mindset of the White population in America; Blacks are second class citizens.  US society is well practiced in carrying out the attitude. Blacks are there for entertainment, cheap labour and looked at as the scourge of society. This attitude has deadly consequences.

Sandra Bland exposed the long held attitude. People don't say it, but they sure live by it. They don't want Black people to speak up for themselves. How dare they question the police, and the White person?

There are many examples of out of control cops. In many cases they are abusive and violent to a Black person. Doesn't matter the gender, the age of the Black person, and the circumstances.

There are examples of police showing restraint. Much of the police restraint comes when confronted by a white person.  Doesn't matter if the white person just killed a bunch of kids in a school.  A large number of Gang member bikers got into a shootout with the police, the aftermath was a casual affair.  Bikers sat around playing on their cellphones as police milled about.

The police have much patience when it comes to dealing with select members of the public. Seems that patience and restraint does not include the Black public.

The clear message by the police is they "don't want no back talk from no n*gg*rs." Talking back is going to get you arrested or shot.

For one white cop being rude and arresting a Black Professor in his own home, results with the cop rewarded with  a beer with the President of the United States.

*I do apologize for the ugly use of the derogatory term.  I am not a fan of the word, regardless of context. I use it with dread and knowledge of its ugly connotation.
The title is an attempt to challenge how comfortable the public is with hiding their attitudes.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Trying to be Kind but Losing the Battle.

Brick Top : Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible cunt... me.

The act of kindness is tested everyday. Sometimes you maybe considered the nemesis in a situation. 
We never really know how we are going to react in a situation. We want to believe we will do what is right. What is right is a moving target. 
Say your family member is peddling meth out of your home do you say something? What if the family member is being cruel to their Mom, do you let it be? 
A young man is running between cars at a stop light and is being chased by other men, and you are in your car in the midst of the action, do you lock the doors, drive away fast, or do you ask the young man if he needs help?
There are lot of things happening out there where you going to decide to do something. Some of those actions you do will be judged. Maybe even looked at as being unkind.
Its' all about context. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Don't Play With Those Ugly White Kids

Hurts doesn't it?

Just this week a white terrorist walks into a Synagogue, while Old people, Women, Kids, were praying,  they had their backs to the front door. They were shot at with a Military style weapon by a 19 year old White Supremacist.  I believe this is the kind of the "very fine" people the US president spoke about when he referred to the Nazi's at Charlottesville. At Charlottesville, White Nazi's marched to anti-Jewish chants as they carried torches.

In New Zealand Christ Church 51 people were killed by an Ugly White Kid. The killer Live-streamed the shooting. The people were praying in a Mosque.

There are more examples of kids not playing nicely. So the thing is don't play with those damn kids.

Ugly aren't they? 

Friday, May 3, 2019

You Might Be an Arse, But At Least You're Not as Ass

Okay then, it is officially a thing, the Arse. The Arse is itchy, the Arse rises to the occasion and yes the Arse is even noble.

As a kid I don't remember remember anyone saying "the Asshole."  Asshole sounds so vulgar. Almost like it is meant to be an insult. "You stinkin' Ass."  Stinking Ass brings out visions of Sweaty, greasy messy and unkempt. While the Arse is more of a state of mind. Where you can drink pints in the corner pub with the Bishop. No one would want to be seen with an Ass. The Ass has no redeeming traits.

So why has the Ass become more and more used? Who popularized the Ass?

Time to bring back some class and use Arse. No more Ass. Sadly we are in a midst of the Ass.
Alberta, Ohio, Florida, Alabama have no shortages of Ass. The Senator of Alabama seems to be carrying out the duties of Ass in grand fashion.

Alberta wants to be the Asshole of Canada. Complete with fitting a pipe right through the sphincter and the colon. They are looking good at being the Ass: the stinking Ass, the Asshole of Canada.

The amount of Ass stuff going on is damning.

So much Ass out there it is disheartening. Still we can have some hope because there is the noble Arsehole out there. Nora Loreto is one of those Arseholes who will combat the Assholes and we should be grateful. Another real Arsehole is Ron Perlman.  I like him, he is tearing up Assholes and seems not bothered by a fallout of shit. Perlman is even comfortable rinsing out the Asshole, John Goodman. Not Mark Zuckerberg, but Rosanne Barr. Now that is one big Asshole. Speaking of Assholes, did you see Brent Kavanaugh? This guy has the stank of Faith Goldy.

One person right now who is a damn fine Arse is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Right about now you are deciding on a list  of who is an Arse and who is the Ass. The Arse can be messy, yes that is true. The Ass meanwhile is just ugly, full and reeking with stank. The stench of Ass is overwhelming. It is causing hurt, pain, resentment, anger, and overall negativity. We can't keep facing the Ass. There are many many Asses to chose from. The stench is all over.

Now with the Arse we can actually breathe.  We actually can see the joy in the Arse. The humour, the sting, the witty barb and even a bit of hair. The stench is not there and that is the best thing.

So embrace the Arse, squeeze the Arse, grab it and hold onto the Arse. We need the Arse. It beats dealing with the Ass.

Donald Trump is an asshole's asshole. He's the kind of asshole other assholes look at and say, "Now THERE'S an asshole."

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