Saturday, November 6, 2021

God Send Us a Message, We are Greedy Bastards

 I read the COVID Stimulus checks (we spell it cheques in Canada) handed out in the United States were to be given to people who needed help with financial hardships. It was quite interesting and quite funny to find out some of those people with financial hardships were billionaires. Can you wrap your head around that one? Billionaires, 18 of them, plus hundreds of "ultra-rich elites" received cash which was to help those struggling. It seems through the tax system, these rich (sleazebags, slimeballs, vermin, scuzzballs, maggots, cretins, lice) folk are living with negative balances. It seems they are millions in the hole. So they are poorer than those who are broke. So I wonder who is hiding all the money in those off-shore places?  One thing is for damn certain, those are some real greedy bastards. It makes me wonder why these people are not feeling the wrath of Khan, or God(s)? Shouldn't there be some kind of sign to let them know greed is a big no no? 

It has me thinking about signs, greed, the Universe and all the gods out there. There is a climate summit happening ( COP - climate summits always going on with nothing concrete coming out of them) with many elected leaders and big business (capital B) in attendance. Lot of back slapping, moral out rage, pleading, rationales, excuses, and money deals happening at the summit. The public display of "let's save the world" is nauseating. Canada the big grifter is promoting themselves as the lead in being a climate warrior. The real climate saving folks are saying all these public figures and statements are just "Green-Washing: the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company's products are more environmentally sound. Greenwashing is designed to make people believe that your company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is." This is what has been happening for a heck of a long time now; folks keep lying. The Earth is burning up but, "hey it's not too bad, we are fixing it." The climate saving activists are saying "wake up you shit heads, the Earth is dying!" The business elite are saying "we don't see it, don't you think we would have seen ti by now?" I guess god hasn't sent any messages yet? God for heck sakes, send us a message.

God: "Okay you fucken spoiled ants, we'll send you a message alright." 

Since the big wigs started meeting about Climate Change, the world has been receiving all sorts of messages from the gods, since 1992: 

  •  9.5 Trillion tons of glacier ice gone. 
  • 36 Trillion tons of Sea ice gone.
  • Alaska temperature rose by 1.4 degrees (Celsius).
  • World temperature rose by 0.6 degrees (Celsius).
  • Sea level rose by 95 millimeters.
  • Average of 7.5 million acres of forester burned a year.
  • 8,000 global climate disasters killed 563,735.
  • 281,000 heat deaths.
  • 885 billion tons of carbon dioxide released into the air from fossil fuels/cement making.
Even with these messages about being greedy and how it is killing us, by hurting the Earth, we still are not sure of the message. We are greedy bastards. One of the people floating around in space spoke to the French President and said the Earth was a Sad sight. The Astronaut claimed he could see the fires burning in Canada with his own eyes and California was covered in smoke. Mr. Thomas Pesquet from the International Space Station said, "Through the portholes of the space station, we distinctly see Earth's fragility, We see the damaging effects of human activity, pollution of rivers, and air pollution."
It doesn't seem to matter we are receiving messages, we are not believing the signs.  There are fires everywhere. Australia burnt up, Canada burnt up, California burnt up, much of the world is drying up and yet the Capital B is still drilling into the ground, cutting every tree they can see and people are praising them, like they are gods. "Oh they give us jobs." What a narrow vision of the world. God is sending signs and we are blind. We are Greedy Bastards. 

So what about those ultra rich folk I first mentioned eh? You see these are the puppet masters of our societies; from Nairobi to Wuhan, from Rio to Bakersfield, from Toronto to Tetovo. These masters don't believe in anything but the need to accumulate. They operate in any town, any city, any country, in any dirty sewer, as long as they make money. What a cockroach way to live. They are the folks saying you are at fault for the water being poisoned, you don't recycle enough, you waste too much water by taking baths,  and still they tell you, "you aren't buying enough stuff." We are so muted we let the voices of the leaders speak for us. They say follow me. 

It is funny, whenever something happens, we all agree the world will change. Time and time again, we witness the change is not coming: Bhopal 1984 gas leak, 2005 Jilin Chemical explosion, 2008 Tennessee Coal ash spill, The Sidoarjo Mud Volcano, The North Pacific Garbage Patch, The Gulf War spill, Deep Water Horizon spill, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Guiyu E-waste Dump in China, The Baia Mare Water Cyanide Contamination, Chernobyl, London's Great Fog, Minamata Disease, The Libby Montana Asbestos Contamination, The Love Canal Toxic Landfill, The Centralia Fire, The Door To Hell, The Death of the Aral Sea, and the list goes on. This list is short list of ugly events caused by humans; meaning the Capital B and governments.  These events were just greed based. What greedy bastards, they are. 

Have you ever asked yourself:

“How did society get so damn greedy and soulless?”

400 richest Americans' wealth in 1991: $288 billion 400 richest Americans' wealth today: $5.3 trillion Americans unable to afford to fill their prescriptions today: 18,000,000 Who is our economy working for?
Support Black-Owned Businesses: 181 Places 

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